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  1. At me, Texmod works fine! Windows 10 Pro [Version: 10.0.17134.228] x64
  2. Hello. Go to folder: C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\AppData\Local\i-Knyazev.ru\TDU2 and delete the folder "Universal Launcher" and then start the Universal Launcher.
  3. Hello guys! Released new version of the TDUMT2 Texture Tools - v1.0 :) with some improvements and bugfixes. You can download TDUMT2 Texture Tools v1.0 from here (https://tdu2.knyazev-tools.ru/download/28/) VirusTotal info Texture Viewer Texture Converter
  4. Funny thing: this bug (with CPU loading after launching the game) was only with Intel CPU's. About new launcher: New Universal Light Launcher (NULL) ( NULL - brief about Atari :-D ) Mix of Light Launcher (fastest work speed) and Universal Launcher (many functional) + some new features.
  5. I'm fix this issue. Thanks. New version of the TDU2: Universal Launcher v3.6 now available! ;-) * Fixed issue with the high-load CPU by the tool. (Bug with only Intel CPU's) You can download new version here: https://tdu2.knyazev-tools.ru/download/22/ VirusTotal: http://bit.ly/2k0V513 * Qihoo-360 detected in the file : HEUR/QVM03.0.0000.Malware.Gen . It's not true. All other antiviruses - OK.
  6. Very interesting. Thanks. I'll try to solve this problem in this weekend. If I fix this issue, I'll publish the 3.6 version of the UL.
  7. Hi guys. Coming soon - new launcher for TDU2. Please, wait. Thanks. UPD: If you have any issues with Universal Launcher, you can use Offline Launcher -> https://i-knyazev.ru/download/575/
  8. This critical bug is fixed in the new version of the launcher (v3.5 / January 9, 2015) Thanks! ;-) Knyazev TDU2: Universal Launcher
  9. Thanks guys! No more news about future of this tool. I don't know what I can add to this tools. I have no idea. Do you have ideas?
  10. Try to rename UL_steam_api.dll to __UL_steam_api.dll for example. This file you can find in the game folder. Now I work with new version (v4.0) of the Universal Launcher.
  11. Thanks for the info. Hmm. Launcher (with GUI) and console app uses same function to launching the game.
  12. Hello. What the OS you are using? Try v3.4 version of Universal Launcher = http://j.mp/1bICU3z
  13. Universal Launcher must be closed automatically after launching the game. Thanks for the bug-report. I'll try to fix it.
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