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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there! for some odd reason i noticed when i run any auto installer for any modification made by our community, it will never successfully override the proper files. I took the time out to look into the modandplay debug file and this is what it says: " ** 12/2/2018 8:55:24 AM ERROR Error when trying to fix TDU registry information.:System.Exception: Unable to fix registry for TDU. Are you administrator? ---> System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Cannot write to the registry key. at Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.EnsureWriteable() at Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.SetValue(String name, Object value, RegistryValueKind valueKind) at TDUModdingLibrary.support.Tools.FixRegistry(String tduInstallPath) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at TDUModdingLibrary.support.Tools.FixRegistry(String tduInstallPath) at TDUModdingLibrary.installer.steps.FinalizationTask.Run(Boolean isInstall) " Now keep in mind: 1. I am running the application as administrator 2. TDU directory is in a SSD D: drive. Not default C: directory 3. I have opened TDU modding tools and tried to fix registry and it displays "Successfully fixed" I am out of ideas at this point. I have a windows 10 system. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. -------------------------------------------------- These tools are part of TDU Modding Tools 2 You can download Knyazev'sTDU2 Texture Tools here -------------------------------------------------- Because, I miss your +rep, lawl :D EPIC logo by rollingtheboy :twisted: +Home : Right here, right now :) Archive (might disappear) : TDU Modding Tools II BNK specific : ability to remove / add files optimized contents to save space (no padding zone) +Creator: Djey +Thanks to : 2DB Management tools : Knyazev XMB Format : TBU2 Testing : RollingThePote +modders: Knyazev tomsolo Tool831 wagnerpsc Xarlith jorge Minime891 reventon09 Speeder thunderhawk17382 Beurky keyser92 Knyazev kristiannn Opelos_HUN M-Rick VoodooShamane +forgotten ones... +Roadmap: upcoming > - Bugfix: repacking Euro\Bnk\fx\vfx_car.bnk - Feature: MiniXmb Editor -> new app, sound volume editor (WIP) - Feature: ability to load BNKs and XMBs into MiniBnk/MiniXmb from windows explorer - Enhancement: MiniBnk -> user interface improvements to match MiniXmb app --- +Downloads: > DOWNLOAD +Sources: You'll find all resources from my GitHub page: GitHub - djey47/tdumt2: TDU Modding Tools 2 - Toolset for modding Test Drive Unlimited 2 game Submitted under terms of the MIT license. +Offline Documentation (general and TDUMT modding): No documentation for TDUMT2 yet. Let's rock ! :bacon:
  3. Closed thread: you'll find updated documentation within TDUCP project: https://github.com/djey47/tdu-cp/wiki/TDUF-Reverse-Engineering-Files [TDUF] Understand TDU files with FileTool Hello, this thread will explain how to use a TDUF feature, that is FileTool. Also, it's a place where people may collaborate, to help with understanding of TDU Files. PRE-REQUISITES Installed TDUF Toolset (0.2.1+): http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/32570-TDUF-Djey-Tools-and-Discussion-about-new-modding-possibilities Web browser (easy!) Hex Editor software your are comfortable with (optional, but recommended) Sense of logic (a little) Free time (a bunch) Fierceness! That's all for now :) TUTORIALS If you'd need to remember only one thing: you don't have to know the complete structure of a file to begin playing with it. Favor baby steps ;) 1. OPENING EXISTING FILE 2. EDITING EXISTING FILE 3. SAVING EXISTING FILE 4. ADVANCED: ADD SUPPORT FOR NEW FILE TODO FILE STRUCTURE UPDATE Here are all latest known file structures to play with. Feel free to test, modify, understand and enhance them ;) DOWNLOAD REFERENCE FileTool instructions applyjson : writes a json back to TDU file. decrypt : make XTEA encrypted TDU file readable again. encrypt : transform file contents with XTEA algorithm - used by some (db, btrq, playersave...). jsonify : converts a supported TDU file to JSON file, allowing it to be edited. File Structure reference Example: First level information reference: name : to identify file you want to decode littleEndian : true/false, indicates byte order - most of TDU files are little endian cryptoMode : in case of encrypted file, indicates the encryption mode used - 0=Savegames, 1=Others (db, btrq...) fields : list of fields contained in this TDU file (see Field reference below) Note that cryptoMode set to 0 or 1 will make file to be automatically encrypted/decrypted by FileTool, so you won't have to. Field/Subfield reference: name : give clearest meaning as possible - must be unique ! type: one of predefined values indicating data kind (see Field types below) signed: (from version 0.6.0) true if value should be signed, false otherwise. When absent, value is considered as unsigned. size: number of bytes used by this field (see Size tricks below) subFields: used when field type is a REPEATER, list of repeated fields Field types: TEXT: clear text data INTEGER: an integer, numeric value (e.g.: 53) FPOINT: a floating-point, numeric value (e.g : 235,6547) GAP: an area filled with 0's UNKNOWN: to be discovered still REPEATER: embeds a list of complex values (with their own layout) Size tricks: - Size attribute is basically the number of bytes used by corresponding field, but with some exceptions: When UNKNOWN field type, it is not mandatory - if omitted, the field is expected to occupy all remaining bytes in file. When REPEATER, its meaning is the count of repeated items. When REPEATER, it's not mandatory either - if omitted, the sub-items are expected to be repeated till the end of the file. Important: when INTEGER field type, only supported values are 1 or 2 or 4. When FPOINT field type, 2 or 4 are supported. - Value of this attribute may also be a formula e.g : size: "=(2+3)*6" will interpret it as 30. - A formula may contain a reference to a previously read field e.g size: "=5*?fieldName?" will interpret it as 30, as long a field named fieldName has been read before and has a value of 6. Please note: Field reference writes itself as field name declared earlier in structure, surrounded by question marks characters (?) Concerning repeated fields, they get unique name each, following: repeaterFieldName[itemRank].repeatedFieldName e.g ?itemList[5].speed?, will reference speed field, repeated under itemList field, at rank 6 (as first item is always at rank 0). Also, it is possible to reference a repeated field with the same rank without giving the full name: e.g ?speed?, will reference speed field, repeated under the same field as current one and as same rank. CREDITS 2CVSUPERGT &TDUCK community => BIN (cameras) research mcv100 => BTRQ research Speeder => PMI/SHK research
  4. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:Someone help me, yesterday i installed djey's 1.67d patch and now in EVERY race it crashes and there's no GPS i tried removing the 00000000167 directory and nothing happens plz help mee!!!!!!! I also try reinstalling the 1.66 and it says i have it already if you would say to remove the addon.??? i don't know where it is so explain well plz!!!!!!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: