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  1. Yeah maybe its the Club feature like u say Ryzza5 cuz i already play many time 2 players on the same router (4 years ago) .. i hope there is a way to solve that i stay positive :) Or maybe in future Paradise Update for the Club Feature :D
  2. Hi ! i have a problem here... i have 2 PC connected together (LAN) and when 1 PC play TDU alone its all good, i see people in red, same for the other pc... but when we try to play together, the second PC who try to connect to a session see the host in yellow, me white and everybody else disconnected -//- . If we connect only us together we see both white but not disconnected -//- . Port 8889 udp are open. Help pls? :) thx Salut! J'ai 2 Pc connecter ensemble en Lan, lorsque je lance le jeux sur un seul pc, que ce sois l'un ou l'autre, ont vois bien tout le monde en rouge. Le problème vien quand ont lance le jeux sur les 2 pc , le premier qui rejoin une session vois bien les gens en rouge, et l'autre pc qui rejoin cette session vois l'hote en jaune, moi en blanc et les autre en déconnecter -//-. Si ont se rejoint seulement nous 2 ont se vois en blanc mais pas en déconnecter -//-. Le port 8889 udp est ouvert sur le routeur. Merci de votre aide ! :)
  3. about TDU1 server, maybe you can ask help from the guys who made San Andreas Multiplayer and Just Cause 2 MP ? ;)
  4. I might have spot some stuff to emulate TDU servers but I'm not going to talk about something that might be wrong. Hope you right about TDU server!!! Cant wait to cruise with people again in TDU1 i miss that :/ Nice job Speeder wish you good luck in your work :D
  5. Help! Like mitch.mofo said, someone can make a youtube video to show us how to make a Online to Offline profile please ? i try few times and dont work :/ i dont wanna restart a new game and lost all my cars, my houses and my kilometers from my online profile Thanx alot. R.i.P. TDU1
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