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  1. Sorry, but I don't want to share my sound mod anymore. I liked sound modding a lot. My mod was not perfect. I prefer doing a perfect job and my sound was not perfect at all. So, i hope you are not too much disappointed. You will find a lot of good sound mods here. I think, someone else here have done also a mod for the Aston Martin V12 engine. I still like the community of modders but i can't keep modding anymore. Please don't be sad about the download link. Bye.
  2. I did a test of the maclaren mp4 12c with the original performance on the road o f the aiport at the north of Oahu : 0-100 : 4,41 s 0-160 : 7,87 s 0-200 : 11,67 s 0-300 : 30,03 s 0-322 : 38,83 s 0-351 : 51,03 s according to your datas : in real life : 0-100 : 3,4 s 0-160 : 6,3 s 0-200 : 9,4 s 0-300 : 29,9 s 0-322 : 45,6 s According to me, the original game is not so far from the real performance. It is even too slow untill 200 km/h. The 0-300 time is the same. After 300 it is a little faster but the road goes a little downhill after the airport. The problem is that acceleration doesn't stop even when the top speed is reached and maybe after 300 is it a little too quick and linear for a lot of cars. I had already made a topic about that : i showed the beetle reaching 278 km/h in 7th gear ( i added 3 gears) in your road at the east of Oahu but also this road goes downhill. But, according to me, you decreased acceleration too much. The cars are now too slow. You think they are realistic but you road goes downhill. I think you had a good idea, and a good will but is too complicated to do.
  3. Do you see what happens when taking the road in reverse ? It reaches only 301 km/H ! Because in the other side your road goes downhill about 10 or 15 % ! SO your performance is NOT REAL BUT COMPLETLY WRONG ! because reaching downhill 326 km/h instead of 336 km/H on a flat road means that your car has only 450 hp instead of 600 hp ! I'm right. So you should increase acceleration about 15 % if ou want the "real performance".
  4. Yes, that's right, the roads in TDU2 are not flat at all. I tested the Countach again and i reached only 290 km/H because of the traffic. I will remove the traffic. There is a bug : the rims of the Countach are much smaller than the tire. Please fix it if you can. There is a bug with the size of the tires and rims of the Porsche 911 GT3 also. I tried the mp4 12c and 911 GT3 and both are to slow ! According to your datas : the mp4 12 c is too slow about 1 second compared to real accelerations from 0 to 160 and 0 to 200 km/h ! It is unpleasant to drive : the speed is very long to reach : i see the speedometer going very slowly from 300 to 301 and then 302 and then 303 whereas the real mp4 12 c accelerates very much faster ! I have aleady seen a video of the mp4 12c and it reached 336 km/h and now in the game i can't even reach 326 in your road in Ohau. It is a 600 hp car and not a 450 hp car ! Sorry, but even you want to do a good job, there is a problem indeed ! You could easily increase acceleration about 10 or 15 % to have a realistic acceleration. Some gear ratios are good but some are still wrong. And also : the road in Ohau where you do your tests has never been flat ! It goes downhill about 10 % ! When i take this road in the other side, it is uphill and the cars can't accelerate or even decrease in speed ! This road is not flat and not good to do your tests ! Your cars are too slow about 10 or 15 % ! If you test your car downhill, you think they are fast enough just because the road goes downhill !
  5. I tried the Countach and couldn't reach more than 271 km/H in the straight line in the north of Oahu and it is supposed to reach 297 km/H. It is a good idea to do that job on the performance of the cars in order to have a more realisitic game but my first impression was that the cars are now a little too slow.
  6. miktop81 : I didn't talked to you in the game ! It must be an usurpator ! I didn't play the game last night ! Do you remember what this person told you ? About the performance : ok, you are right. Continue on your good job !
  7. Ok, sorry, you may be right. I'm used to playing with car that accelerates quick and keep accelerating in TDU 2. I had posted a topic about that. I could reach 278 km/h with the beetle and its 65 hp only by adding 3 gears ! But Forza Horizon is not the good example. Cars in Forza Horizon 1 are set in Horsepower but the game displays the power in KW so : the cars have the power that is written in KW in horsepower. For example a 157 kw car like the Lancia delta evoluzione has 157 hp instead of 205 hp wich is 157kw ! It is an evidence that when you try to reach the top speed : with 157 kw written in the menu, the car barely goes to 210 km/h or 215 km/h wich is the speed of a 157 hp car but when i tune the car up to 206 kw wich represent 206 hp in the game, the car can reach up to 240 km/H or 242 km/h wich is the speed of a 205 hp car. So in Forza Horizon 1, the cars have 1,3 times less power than in real life ! Forza is not the good example at all.
  8. As i can see in your video, the acceleration is too slow for 525 hp ! It is good to want to be the most realistic. It is a good idea to make this work on the cars but : it is a little too slow ! In your video the car seems to have only 400 hp and not 525 hp. Maybe i was not on a flat road like in your video because in tdu a lots of roads are going uphill or downhill but, according to me and to what i see in other games and in the video in youtube, it accelerates too slowly. I should have tried other cars but i was riding this car when i launched the game and it is too slow for 525 horsepower. It is more likely to be the acceleration of a 380 or 400 hp car but not 525. You should adjust acceleration.
  9. The Audi R8 V10 takes 3 hours to go from 200 to 250 km/h and never goes more than 250 km/h whereas it is supposed to reach 325 km/h in real life, and you call that "REAL PERFORMANCE" ? I haven't tried other cars but i think it is not at all real performance. I restored my database.
  10. Very good idea ! :) I'm going to test it ! Thank you Binbow !
  11. I found the topic of the mod. The sound mod is from the modder F12berlinetta. The car was made to replace the nissan 370 Z nismo. So, if i put this name, the nissan will have also a Corvette sound. That is the problem. That is why i asked Binbow if he could make a parameter in TDU2 VPE to change the sound association.
  12. HI, could it be possible to add a parameter in TDU VPE to choose the sound mod associated with the car ? I ask that question because for some cars like the Chevrolet corvette c7 sting ray i can only hear the traffic cars sound even if i have already installed a good mod that i found here on this site.
  13. OK, I have done the 1.2 version of my mod ! I deleted the link as nobody seems to be interested in downloading my mod anymore.
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