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  1. Merry Xmas to all of you people that still works hard to keep our TDU2 alive. i hope you all will have a great holliday.
  2. Yeah. Ramone is the king when it comes to environment modding. this is top notch!
  3. Found an issue with the mod. shadow behind the car is a transparent square. look @ image this is how far you can get to the car from behind.
  4. Hello guys! just a quick question, who created the private server for TDU1???
  5. Hello binbow! i tried this with the SLR, now GT-R. i tried to change rim folder etc.. but this applied to both normal "SLR" and "Stuart"
  6. Thanx for this really nice fix! well done Stargt
  7. Hello guys! Can someone explain to me, how do i bind brands to tuners? i gues i might need a hex editor? it would be nice to see this function in tdu2vpe in the future, but for now i gues it has to be done the hard way. Thanx for your help.
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