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  1. Can someone instruct me how can I apply this MOD in another vehicle? Since I would like to update with this MOD the Lamborghini Huracan already included in the autopack. I appreciate your contributions to solving my question, thank you.
  2. I'm already testing them, I loved them, I think I'm going to try one by one to see which one I choose. Thank you very much for your excellent contributions. I am enjoying the game to the fullest, I will continue waiting for the following Modifications.
  3. I am confused with the explanation of cloud types. I understand that each type of cloud (sunset, storm, or cloudless) only works for that type of condition. My questions are: - when the in-game weather changes, will the sunset clouds look bad if there is a storm? - If I install storm clouds, when the weather is sunny or sunset, will they also look bad? - If I install the one with no clouds, then when it rains, will there be no clouds? My questions arise, since if so, then it would have to be constantly changing the clouds according to the change of the weather which would
  4. Friend, could you re-upload this MOD since I have an autopack with this Mini Cooper S sounding like a Nissan 370z, I would be very happy to hear it as it should be. Thank you
  5. I think I'm the first to get interested in MOD, but you already removed it. I arrived too late, jajajajaja
  6. I want to give my humble opinion, and I think both games had their good and bad things. I think that the ease of being able to modify the TDU1 was the reason that the Modifiers insisted more on making MODS for it, and left TDU2 a little forgotten. This can be seen in the rendering quality that was done for the vehicles added in TDU1 that are more stylized than in TDU2. I also understand that TDU2 only allows having a database of less than 230 vehicles (including traffic vehicles) against the more than 800 that TDU1 allows, however there is a Japanese version that modified the la
  7. Perfect friend, you concentrate on your work of that wonderful Mod; It will be great to be able to enjoy the change of seasons. Thanks for your dedication. Thank you very much for uploading it.
  8. Could you re-upload your mod to enjoy it in what you finish the next version ...? I am already dying to apply it and it took you more than 6 months, I will thank you friend.
  9. I understand that someone already did it with the first version of Test Drive Unlimited. If possible, I would like to know what is necessary in order to do this. It would be very helpful to know if who made the first server also knows how to do it for this version.
  10. I have tried to install your MODS in the game, but they don't work for me, the car when driving it gets stuck on the road or on the ground and when it runs, it suddenly stops as if it hits something and turns tires up. It only happens to me with your MODS with everyone else, it doesn't happen to me, could you explain why it happens and how to fix it? I like your MODS but I had no luck in running any of them.
  11. It would be great to be able to achieve that, you just have to have someone who still wants to do it
  12. I also stopped playing the game for a long time, and for a year I reinstalled it and learned that this community existed. I would like to know if someone did not take the precaution of saving those valuable videos? I still enjoy the game even though it has been more than 9 years.
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