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  1. I wonder if illegitimate copy would be compatible with Project Paradise mod and bring players online?? Just for pure discussion and reference only.
  2. Actually, where can I get a legitimate copy of TDU1? Is it online again for the moment and how many players on average are playing this game?
  3. I notice that this mod tool is able to change the name of a car. I have several Bugatti Veryon SS (same car but with different painting) and every time before racing or doing "follow the leader" I have to guess which one is the car I want. I wonder if this tool could give each of them an unique name so that I know what it is whenever looking upon the lengthy vehicle list, and if possible, whether such setting could be saved directly into the save file so that I could have the same set of data every time I start the game. Or I have to turn up this tool every time I start the game? Thank you.
  4. Why all my DLC cars are unlocked after I installed the Autopack 1.5 on this forum? It's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol::D:D After installing the Autopack 1.5, I can buy all the bikes and the Ferrari Chinese Edition (...etc).:happyroll::happyroll: I am asking so because few months ago I was told on this forum that no DLC cars will be released or dealt with on this forum.:eek: Not sure if I accidentally unlocked them (definitely I didn't pay anything to acquire them) or it is due to the Autopack 1.5. But the only thing I did is installed this pack (and finished 7 DLC missions, in case it matters).:nods: What a bloody surprise~~~~~~~:nuts::nuts: --- Post Updated --- Found little grammatical mistake on the topic, but whatever :twisted: Mod edit: Please do not swear, it is against the rules.
  5. I was looking around for this solution and instantaneously I found it here. Simple but great advice. :clap::clap::clap::clap: Now I could have the benefit of steam (chatting, friendship, screenshots and gaming hours, etc) with the universal launcher.:nuts::nuts:
  6. Thank you for the reply. Cant believe it is such easy to switch between online and offline mode. Will try it out once the server is down again in future (Hopefully not).
  7. Probably this is my second post in this forum. I installed the universal launcher and dream packs months ago. By then the TDU2 online server wasstill okay and playable. I had pretty much fun then. Now it appears that their server is down most of the time and I got to figure it out how to play this game in offline mode by using the saving progress of my online mode. I know pressing the offline mode button in the Universal Launcher is easy. But I am quite worried that any progress that I am gonna play during offline mode would not count towards my online saving progress. Or even worse, I heard some rumor that I may not be able to return back to the online mode once I went to the offline mode by the time when their server is up again in future, due to the fact that I had used the patch on this forum, or I had hacked the money when I played online before. No doubt I would be grateful for detailed explanation/tutorial on how I could get over this problem. Any if there is any solution, I wonder if backing up online save data first before going to offline mode would help securing my data so that I may still use it for online gameplay once things go south (Or there would be no return point at all if I go offline mode?)
  8. I really want to buy them but I wonder whether the mod team here would release those DLC vehicles in later dream pack? Further, do you guys think it is worthwhile to buy them at this moment (particularly taking into account the fact that tdu2 server is not stable and Atari is dead)? (Not sure if this thread is placed at a right place or not. Please excuse me if it is misplaced).
  9. is it possible to improve the appearance of the unfinished vehicle so that those who haven't installed mod stuff could see a better look of the car? Btw, I found it is an indirect cheat to those who haven't got this mod coz they think you are driving Lancia delta (and may want to challenge you) but in fact it is Lamborghini with dam fast engine. The appearance of the modded car is deceiving lolz. :D
  10. hi guys, I finally done with unpacking and mod installing stuffs. I haven't got a A class license yet (does it matter?) but I bought a Lamborghini Diablo SV (my first class after mod installation) for testing purpose. However, there is no sound (i.e. engine or radio) at all while driving. What's the problem with it? Is there any solution? Thanks. --- Post Updated --- Somehow, i restarted the game and everything is fine. However, after the mod is installed, my friend told me that he couldn't see the Lamborghini car, but only a normal car in the game. And he said that my car is very buggy to him. (It is really fast btw) So, is it for the sake that my friend didn't install the mod?
  11. Thanks for your prompt reply. Got two more stupid questions:- 1. I wonder whether other players (in multiplayer challenge or normal online mode) could see the modded car if they do not have the pack files in their local drive? Do those cars only "appear" to be new and special to the players with the mod package installed? 2. Are there any legit ways (i.e. not to be flagged as a cheater) now to get the dlc cars (casino as well) apart from buying them on Atari? I try not to be such a mean beggar but you know Atari is almost dead now and it seems quite stupid to buy token from the store, especially now there appears to be no more official maintenance and support for this game. Otherwise I would definitely buy all dlc from the store without hesitation.
  12. Hi there. I am newbie to this game and forum. I have few questions to ask: 1. Do I have to install anything (like UP0.4 and/or TDU2 Autopack 1.0.1?) first before installing this autopack? My game was bought from steam and it is pure without any hack/pack. The version is DLC2 034 build 16. 2. So, this pack basically includes all DLC cars now being sold on the DLC Store? I don't need to buy it anymore? 3. Are this pack legit for playing online? Would it be considered as a cheat?
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