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  1. Hi all I am a new player of TDU multiplayer. It is so nice to have such a great mod and, r.i.p TDU2 multiplayer. There is an issue that I have-I can run project paradise without fuel mod but when I engage it the game just freeze at the start up with no respond. I really want the fuel mod which makes the game more immersive. Is there a way to make it work?
  2. More issue with the Porsche GT3: This car originally replace Ruf Rturbo. Rturbo has a lower max rpm than the GT3...so now the gauge isn't correct, when it revs more than 8000 rpm the gauge would just point at 10000 rpm. Also the sound, from 8000 rpm to 10000 rpm it stays the same tune. It's a bit annoying.... But the major problem is the performance data. This car is so slow-way too slow to compete with other A2 class car...
  3. Can you fix the gap between windscreen and A-pillar in cockpit view...
  4. I think I have talked about the med file of Miata patches before but last night me and my friends found that the file wasn't corrected yet and it is still with yellow tires....would you mind fixing it?? Or fix it before the launch of next patch? [ATTACH]26882[/ATTACH]
  5. well today I finally got my steering wheel set up:P but soon I found there is a problem with the BRZ....it has no brake linearity at all! I check it in VPE and it surprised with the value of brake power set as 300000 when normally it should be around 15000....I hope there would be a fix If there would be the next pack :)
  6. @Loekie5500 It is the option for GPS map and menu on the interior screen lol.so...How's the car pack now? I see Star start to upload some mods revealed from the new pack...it is great but I am still dying for the car pack...
  7. I found out that some of the car factors may not be presented in VPE. For example, the handbrake on unfinished vehicles can lock up the rear wheel but there is no option in VPE to lock the rear wheel of a released vehicle. If I export the data of unfinished vehicles and import it to a released vehicle, that specific vehicle would lock the rear wheel when I hold the handbrake. I added some models to my game via VPE. It is interesting that there might be torque distribution in vehicle data and it is not yet presented in VPE. when I change the drive system to all wheel drive, some vehicles, especially those unfinished ones, would be likely to spin their front or rear tire separately instead of spinning at the same time. I tried to compare those data in all items but I can't find the value that determine the distribution. So binbow are you still working on VPE? Would you like to engage further investigation on it? :D
  8. Best wishes for your new home and still looking forward to the new patch. Take your time! :D --- Post Updated --- @WarthogCC lol ok :D But I think that BMW looks like a track racer more than a rally car and it should be in class C
  9. It is the Sat-nav :) shows GPS or interface UI on interior screen XD Anyway I want the new pack badly! love you all <3
  10. Let me paraphase what binbow have said. VPE is innocent and it only shows what the vehicle is in the database. It never lies-if you think it is wrong, you may consider the data is wrong. In short, the person who set up the database made a minor mistake. Binbow did nothing to your database.
  11. Ikr. Smart people know how to cope with it stupid people wont give a damn. Still pointless here. Just stick to the thread. Or post your reply on binbow's thread.
  12. Binbow has given all the information about how to make unreleased cars work in his thread:TDU2VPE. I don't see the point of your posting it here.
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