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  1. I just install and play , ITS lalalalaING AMAZING ! Nice job Milli :)
  2. How to get Toyota Celica ??? plz
  3. Labex300

    TDU Adding new cars

    Wow! Dont send is your modpack :) I have mine now :) Thx
  4. Labex300

    TDU Adding new cars

    Slots and cars , what is the size?
  5. Labex300

    TDU Adding new cars

    MEGA Tutorial: Add new cars (slots) in TDU1 - turboduck.net - YouTube can you send me your mods please ?
  6. Labex300

    TDU Adding new cars

    Un belge ! You have a very amazing modpack :)If you want add slot check Tob-Racer tutorial
  7. Make a credit page with all modder name.
  8. I have make it and i have a polish game : --- Post Updated --- I have make it and : Screenshot by Lightshot
  9. When i launch my game in French my game crash --- Post Updated --- Can you translate db to english please ?
  10. When i change language to french my game crash ...... I have a polish game in US database
  11. can you translate db in eng please ?
  12. Look my topic :Windows 8 FIX FOR PJ | turboduck forum --- Post Updated --- TDU dont work on windows 10 . Or search how to unlock a dll with wndows 10
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