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  1. If this could happen... it'll be a miracle brought to us by God itself... Just imagine we'll cruise on Hawaii + Ibiza with these graphics and TDU2's system of challenges... Shame it never happened and atari ♥♥♥♥ed it all with their broken servers and no support or updates...
  2. At least the TDU1 servers were actually working without 50% downtime and (absolutely) no official support at the end of support...
  3. yes, it's very sad how Atari [mess]ed up this game with their management and broken servers...
  4. Yeah, I am really speshul, I know, I need to finally get money for the "Speshul" badge :) TDU2's servers are gone for almost all weekends now and they are starting to cut the support on working days, too. Many players like or liked TDU2, including me, but the broken servers are just cutting any support even from hardcore fans.
  5. Hello all. I've noticed TDU2 servers go ♥♥♥♥ more and more often since Atari bankrupt, and it has downtime of ~40% now in January, and it (almost) never works on weekends, which means I must complete the main part of my playtime off-line, which hurts, especially considering TDU2 is a "Massively Open Online Racing" game with majority of the playerbase enjoying the on-line cruises, if nothing else. Do you think TDU2 servers will completely go down anytime soon? I'd like TDU1 + PP to go down rather than TDU2, since TDU2 offers much more challenges to do, Ibiza, and its physics aren't THAT bad to hurt the game completely. TDU2's steamcommunity.com is already very toxic to the game, including me ("♥♥♥♥ you Atari."s, etc.) and I tbh I don't expect this will change anytime soon, especially with Atari's horrible support, that's been broken basically from the release of TDU1.
  6. It has 128 MB of memory, not much hope there :oook: It's a single core crap either… I'd rather grab a Graphics Media Decelerator X4500MHD with some decent CPU from my friend for ~$35 than bothering with 3D-Analyze and this piece of crap...
  7. Update: I got 2nd notebook with Mobility Radeon 9600 and Pentium M on ~1,5 Ghz + 2 GB RAM, will it be better? I've heard Pentium M has better pipeline than C2D, so CPU won't be as bad as it seems... And the GPU is just 100% better IMO. I'll install normal desktop Catalyst 10.2 with modded device database on it and reinstall it from Win XP to Win 7, maybe I'll need to modify drivers from Vista to work on 7. Maybe I'll overclock it too, it's an old piece of junk either...
  8. lol ok, it runs Euro Truck Simulator 2 OK on minimal details with 45 fps, but I guess TDU will be different... --- Post Updated --- Does it require Dx10, or is it Dx9 only? Modded drivers support Dx9 only.
  9. Hi. I got my first notebook, and I'd like to know if it can run TDU1, preferably TDU2 at 1366x768 (if so, then at which details). Specs: Compaq 610 Intel Graphics Media Decelerator (Accelerator :P) X3100 Intel C2D 2 Ghz 4 GB RAM 500 GB HDD Thank you, MISLcz / TDUForever
  10. I'm in a Czech Irisbus right now, and I listen to Alpinestars - Carbon Kid (what else can I listen to get the Irisbus' engine sound better :)
  11. @BeSweeet - Exactly, TDU2 has many additions over TDU1, just the servers are a little bit ♥♥♥♥. It looks that they probably don't have enough money from these Atari Brokens...
  12. It's been broken for 3 days now, just look at Steamcommunity for TDU2… Everything's filled with "♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ YOU ATARI" posts there…--- Post Updated ---I know, TDU2 steamcommunity is very toxic, but it can be really annoying to pay and play a perma-broken game..
  13. I know, I am really Speshul, but the only thing that annoys me in TDU is the really weird wind simulation (around top speed it's weird to accelerate) and the top speed crap. Otherwise the physics seem OK to me. --- Post Updated --- Maybe it can be caused by that I modded a coach into TDU2, played it, never driven above 350 km/h and mostly driven 2CV bcuz of my slow cars obsession...
  14. That's actually a bad thing, I think TDU2's physics are better than The Crew's.
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