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  1. There's a camhack tool that can be used to do this with TDU2. I was wondering if there was anything similar for TDU1 or some other method to disable that head movement when you go around turns.
  2. No I meant is the % front OR rear. I was guessing that the % is the front but it's just a guess. I tried changing it to 30% to reverse the brake bias and it started acting like an E-brake so yeah I guess my guess is correct. LOL. That a lot of guesses. ;)
  3. Simple question. Without modifying each individual camera. Is there a way to globally increase or decrease the field of view? I've been addicted to this game for a year now but there's one thing that annoys me. Speed seems slower than you are actually going on a 16:9 monitor. I'm an actual racer in reality and I know what 100, 150, or even 200mph feels like. But in this game 100 feels more like 50, 200 feels like 100 etc, etc. I know this has to do with the FOV because I also have experience with looking through a camera lens while in a moving vehicle. (Whether it be a car, aircraft, or even a speedboat.) With an actual camera, when you zoom in speed appears slower, as you see less objects on the side flying by, giving you the optical illusion that you are going slower, And the same in reverse, when you zoom out, it seems faster. Anyone who's even seen in-car cameras from motorsports on TV or a cops show can get a perfect example from that. It always seems like they are going slower because the camera is zoomed in some. So that would mean to solve my problem I would need to zoom out the global FOV until it feels right. Any ideas?
  4. Quick question. Under Brake Performance where it says Balance %. Is that % to the front or rear? I love the Ferrari F1 car but it's incredibly front brake happy and likes to slide straight with the slightest touch. I would like to fix that myself if I may. (Or maybe you know of someone that already made that car better with a few adjustments?) It currently is set to 70% so I would assume that 70 front/30 rear? Maybe if I adjust it 5% at a time until it feels right.
  5. Thanks Michael. I don't know if anyone mentioned but the McLaren P1 is missing it's dashboard instruments. (I was about to say HUD lol.) There is no speedo or tach.
  6. The link for the Aloha station is dead. Does anyone still have this? I already got the Agip station.
  7. Sounds easy to me. I will try myself. Thanks anyway. I am fluent in 7 languages. Please do not assume English is my only language. Yes, it is my primary language. But not my only language. ;) Well you can't say I didn't offer to help. I tried. Be well my friend.
  8. @zepherlee, yes I agree and have done some research. It was in some rally races on dirt with the right setup. But that was rare, so I stand corrected. It was mostly a track car and should truly be class C instead of B. So I took the "is off road" setting off, and changed it to class C2. (or should it be C3?) ---------------------------------- @binbow or any of the other modders. I asked this earlier but I believe I made the question too long and detailed and possibly confused some people. > If I wish to do the work myself, how can I add a car brand to a tuner shop? I can help and share. I do have modding experience. So if you wish me to fix the problem with the untunable cars I listed earlier, I can do it with some starter advice. If not I would still like to be able to do it myself for my own personal use and keep it secret if you wish. But if I can help you, and you want me to share, I will of course give your team credit. But can someone simply tell me how to do it in the first place? Please? (I can move this question to another thread if you feel it does not belong here. But it has to do with possibly helping you guys with the next version. So I started here.) Thanks.
  9. Any known fix for the "floating" Mazda MX-5 Miata? It appears about a foot off the ground. --- Post Updated --- zephyrlee, I did not say binbow did anything to the database concerning the BMW 320i. I was simply saying that the BMW drives like garbage in the dirt. And because it is class B, it should not be acting as such if you wish it to be competitive. Changing the "is Off Road" setting allows it to drive well in dirt, and thus can compete in B class races. Unless this is wrong and it should really be class C instead. But the 320i was indeed a rally car so I think the class it was put into was correct from the start.
  10. binbow, I found a minor database correction for you. The BMW 320i TT Group 5 was a rally car. (As proven that you already know that by the fact that you have it set to Class B2) But it bogs down in dirt. So I discovered in the VPE that the "is Off-road" setting was unchecked. I have corrected this in my own database but you should probably do the same in your next version. Thanks again for a great pack and YW. ;) BTW, any thought on my earlier post about adding Gumpert and Weismann back to the tuners? And possibly fixing the Lotus 2-Eleven and the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione so they can go to the tuners as well?
  11. I was able to edit the F2012 Formula 1 car several times. It works fine for me. The VPE shows everything and allows you to change parameters. I did something crazy one time. I doubled the horsepower and changed the transmission gearing so it would do 400mph! lol But it got boring after a while and I imported my default backup to it to make it normal again.
  12. Yeah great work, but he's not understanding what problem we are talking about. I think he is saying that you don't notice it much from a particular camera view. But I have tried playing with it in all the camera views and yes the road is almost invisible in the distance when you are driving fast, so you tend to miss turns and hit things. But if you are just cruising around slowly at traffic speed it looks great. But who does that?
  13. It's called the Ferrari F2012, not F2008. That's probably why he can't find it.
  14. The Maserati GranTurismo Sport is very bouncy at high speed and likes to flip a lot due to it's current suspension tuning. Any known fix for that?
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