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  1. So is at 4:00pm based on the time zone in Hawaii?
  2. EJS5000

    New laptop

    Man, that laptop is so discrete and I like it. How has it held up after a year and a half? No problems with folding hinge yet?
  3. [ATTACH]27751[/ATTACH] This is a rim I designed in SketchUp Comes with breaking assembly and tire I did this for a business project at school which was a company so I chose to do a car company. I called it the Institute for Motor Technology. This is was one of the products. I had this image lying around in my database for around 2 years already so I decided to post this here for everyone else to see. Hope you all like it and I'll look for some more images of sketchup and stuff I designed in it. if I can find more, I'll post them here.
  4. Entry Post [ATTACH]27587[/ATTACH] I might change this picture in the future before the vote, so this is my entry and its from the game Need For Speed World
  5. Entry Post [ATTACH]27455[/ATTACH] This is in case I posted in the wrong place, here is the 67' Shelby from the movie remake of "Gone In 60 Seconds" This screenshot is from the game "Test Drive Unlimited" (modded)
  6. Entry Post [ATTACH]27453[/ATTACH] I don't know if I am supposed to post here but this is the 67' Shelby Mustang from the "Gone In 60 Seconds" remake movie. From the game "Test Drive Unlimited" (Modded)
  7. This is my picture, not sure if it meats the requirements but here it goes this is a pic from the game NFS world [ATTACH]27314[/ATTACH] entry post
  8. Thanks Milli, you're adding so much more to this game. Can't wait to drive that s13 soon and see everyone's car on TDU!:clap:
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