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  1. Your mods are extremely epic :D Thanks for sharing them mate! I enjoy playing with them :clap::clap:
  2. The link isn't working :( If you still have the mod, can you pls send it to me by PM please? I really love your mods but I'm so desperate to try this one :):)
  3. Hello Doctor G. I'm a newbie in this forum and I must say that you made TDU a million times more fun to play :happyspin:I wanna thank you for taking the time to produce these mods for TDU fans. I've tried them and they all sound so epically realistic.... even after adjusting each of them to fit their suitable rpms to bring out the best in these sound mods! Also, I can't really choose between the Ferrari 250 GTO sound and BRM V16 which I like more :D There's only one of the links that doesn't work. The Ferrari F1 V12 mod link is broken and I really wanna experiment it in my Formula 1 Ferrari car. If by chance you still have this sound, can you pls PM me the mod? But once again.... thank you for bringing out the best in TDU :bcflag::bcflag::bcflag:
  4. Wow.... loved that formula 1 authentic drive!! But I think that if you change it to 9000rpm, you will get the best results :D Sadly the link doesn't work & I was really looking forward to testing this epic sound :sulk:
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