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  1. Ozzmcom

    Show us your vehicle

    great ride! I love the look of that generation
  2. Ozzmcom

    Say hello to racers!

    I'd suggest finding a mechanic who could work on a 92 gt-r first, there aren't that many in US. The japanese cars are reliable but gt-r's are not. If you were to import one you need someone to detail it overseas beforehand, it's 26 year old car and many are not looked after because people wouldn't keep them stock and so they're not serviced by nissan. It's a huge gamble so know what you're getting into before hand.
  3. Ozzmcom

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    picked up pcars2 recently, they've really changed the ffb, I'm loving it so far.
  4. had a chance to spend about an hour with the beta. Sad to say there isn't much improvement over the first game in terms of driving. The cars have a little more weight to them but they still have f1 level grip and overpowered brakes. The wheel support is exactly the same, no actual improvements there, almost zero feeling, the linearity feels awful and force feedback is laughable. It also still has the annoying features from the first game like the auto-brake and auto-rev match. It could've been a great game just like the first one but very disappointed to see they haven't spent any effort on improving the physics or the wheel support.I doubt it will improve post-launch, maybe gonna wait for a sale on this one.
  5. Ozzmcom

    Forza Horizon 4 Announced!

    map size is the same as fh3, confirmed.
  6. Ozzmcom

    BEWARE - Demo Released!

    @Soul Challenger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jwaSwkHOug congrats buddy, game is featured on NODE
  7. Ozzmcom

    E3 2018 [megathread]