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  1. Sure it's great like that, far from being perfect but good enough for me. However it's like I'm the only one doing this and it's too bad because I'm sure that if they would know, a lot of people could be interested, especially the old TDU 1 H MODE cruisers. For now all I see is, for the worst, the regular arcade players everywhere and for the best, some guys using drift mode but they're all on keyboard and drifting over and over on the same twisty roads, not cruising everywhere like I do :(
  2. Guys, maybe you already know, but if you want to turn this childish arcade racer to something more serious, closer to a simulator, you need drift mode + a wheel that can have around 600° + a tuned FFB (and playing with "hardcore" setting of course). You will have then a new handling that requires much more skills and brings good sensations unlike the defaut which is a joke. I really wanted this game to be the real TDU3 and i was so disapointed, but since I recently discovered this setup I was amazed, I finally found almost the game of my dreams : a realistic driving (sort of) and a gigantic network of open roads for cruising.
  3. Well if you play with a pad or a cheap wheel with 160° I can believe that. But with a good wheel and something like 600° it's not bad really, even if there's still too much grip and brakes to my taste. For cruising, I found that drift mod with gamepad makes it very difficult to keep a straight line and avoid collisions. But with a wheel it's ok, you can adjust the throttle with precision, the direction is accurate and the tuned FFB feels quite realistic. It's like the drift mode was made for wheels. I don't see what you mean about the visuals as you can change the parts of the drift mode cars to make them look stock. For my part it's just cosmetic so it doesn't matter, especially when you drive in first person view.
  4. I was so disapointed by this game from the beginning (too much arcade, too childish) that I totally forgot it. But recently, I gave it another try and then I noticed the drift mode. I found it so cool that I bought the DLC just to enjoy cruising with it. It is quite close to H MODE from TDU 1 (not as good though) and it's not far from a simulation sometimes, especially if you use a good wheel with a tuned FFB. But nobody seems to realize and almost no one use it. What do you think?
  5. Thanks man, I hope I can recover my twang one day to do more like those. Sorry dude this is impossible because I don't have TDU installed anymore, maybe one day... For some reason I cannot edit the list so here's the new link for the F1 sound : Ferrari F1 TDU sound (Dr G.) Yet I'm not sure it's the good version (I had like 4 or 5 of this one) and I cannot test it, please tell me if it is ok. Thanks for downloading.
  6. First of all, sorry for answering so late and thank you for your comment. I'm glad that people like you still play this game and use my sound mods. I will have to look for this F1 sound and will re-upload it soon. Thanks again.
  7. Sorry for huge delay answering, I've been totally out of this place since TDU server went down. I've posted a new link in 1st post for those who still want this sound (honestly I wouldn't release it today, I think it's horrible, but however), cheers.
  8. Thank you very much guys, this audio source is absolutly astonishing and that sound mod was a lot of fun to make. Too bad it comes so late :( @ thander : this is Turbolag Complete Weather V2 HDR (here I have sunset weather).
  9. You're right about the whine, still I think it has more of it than any other sound mod that I've listened so far ; I would have liked to improve the whine and all, but now, with the server shutdown, it seems pointless to me. Still I had a lot of fun cruising with it. Even too low, the whine is really hypnotizing and the whole sound really gives a sensation of uncontrolable power ! I hope you had fun with it too, thanks all for commenting.
  10. Thank guys, I'm glad you enjoy it. This sound is a bit special to me : when I began in sound modding and experimented it, almost 3 years ago, I was very impressed to have such an awesome sound in TDU ; I had some interesting results before with other audio sources but this one really gave me the creeps. I had a great feedback about the beta and was so happy with it that I never did the effort to make any improvments, but the idea was still there, in a dark corner of my mind. So, even if I'm not 100% happy with it, I just wanted to make a final version before the server shutdown, maybe to complete the circle or something... @Robik94 : thanks for the tip, I didn't even notice the issue.
  11. Thanks all, this is just the shadow of what this mod would have been if I had more time to work on it, I was glad to share with you anyway.
  12. So you think there is no BRM in TDU ? Wrong ! BRM is the car that you can hear shortly during the game intro, just after the Eden logo ! I've made it for the GR1 because no one really knows how that car sounds, including myself... I know, the idle is not great but I couldn't get anything better (I blame the TDU sound system) Source : TDU sound : DOWNLOAD : BRM V16 TDU sound by Doctor G (GR1 BNK).zip Startup time : 3.5 seconds Thanks for your comments.
  13. Source : Sound mod : DOWNLOAD : Ferrari F40 LM TDU sound mod V3 by Doctor G.zip Thanks for your feedback.
  14. Source : Preview : [/b] DOWNLOAD : Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren TDU sound mod by Doctor G.zip Thanks for comments.
  15. Here's what you've got : 4 new shifter sounds, new horn sounds for the bots and TDU vehicules (Cucaracha horn, Il Sorpasso horn, Dixie horn, Tequila horn, Kwai River horn, Marseillaise horn, Godfather horn, Vamos a La Playa horn, Dalton horn, Martin horn, italian bus horn, cavalery charge horn, ooh-gah horn, new police siren (not sure it works), trans-siberian horn, new firetruck siren) and a new turbo sound. I've included the wav files in a separate folder so you can customize the install if you like, maybe you don't want that cucaracha horn on your SLR ! (TDU audio system uses a dozen of horns for all the cars) NOTE: I've not tested it at 100% for now, so watch out for a potential update in few days, thanks (if you notice some issues please tell me). I'll post soon a preview link. DOWNLOAD:TDU beta alternative sounds (horns, shifters and turbo) by Doctor G.zip
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