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  1. Hey everyone, I wonder if it's possible to copy files that are responsible for the way TDU Platinum interior looks and paste them in to Vanilla TDU? I don't know what's responsible for leather looking so good and visuals being brigther in TDU Platinum, but i want to copy those and correct placement of the camera in Vanilla TDU. What are the files i must copy over to Vanilla TDU in order to achieve same visuals as TDU Platinum? Is this even possible at all?
  2. I fixed TDUPE issue by following "Q. TDUPE is not working?" under "[Released] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum" topic. But as mentioned item number "1105" did not worked. When i opened "TDU_CarPhysicsData.db" of mine, there was "11100"... I just removed one zero to make it 4 digit number and game launched just fine with TDUPE edited data. The interesting fact is that for example: I adjusted Maximum RPM using both TDUPE and TDUF, both works in Hardcore Mode... BUT, when i adjusted Steering Lock using both TDUPE and TDUF, none of them are capable of making changes in Hardcore Mode. This drives me towards the conclusion that there is something going on with the way TDU Platinum is built, because inside vanilla TDU had no problems making changes in Hardcore Mode of the game. Hopefully this is something that can be sorted out, it's great to see you guys create such lovely pieces of software.
  3. Hey, i tried your TDUF tool and were really impressed with it. Only problem i have with it is that inside Hardcore Mode steering lock value stays the same. It only gets updated in Arcade mode of TDU. How to go around this situation?
  4. Hey everyone, I am trying to change Steering Lock value of BMW M5 F10. TDU Platinum has 55 degrees as default, but real M5 F10 has 36 degrees. After i make change and press Save Car button, game crashes on the start. The thing is that I can edit vanilla TDU, but when i edit TDU Platinum it crashes... I don't get it. How to fix this issue? I am using TDUPE that came with TDU Platinum. (I am running on .NET Framework 3.5 if this gonna help anyone, idk)
  5. i just want to buy it, and anybody knows if Test Drive Unlimited 2 Servers is on?
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