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  1. Im aware of the issue this method causes with Axis, but what else is there to do? Without this method pedals don't work properly. Also came across more than one source which suggest to turn on "Report Combined Pedals" for pedals to work properly in TDU. This is confusing. Shared axis pedals won't do Heel & Toe back in 2010 either. Does this mean nobody cared about it?
  2. Hello Everyone, Today I found out that you can't do Heel & Toe shifting in TDU. Judging by that TDU uses "Report Combined Pedals" in order for pedals to work correctly, when you try to Heel & Toe two pedals are being pressed at the same time and "Report Combined Pedals" mapped inputs cannot handle it. As a result we get neither brake or throttle when doing it. Basically all this means that it's impossible to Heel & Toe in TDU, the only thing you can do is Rev Matching on straights without brakes involved. Is this something that can be fixed? Have anyone looked into this issue or are there any mods for it? Wonder if anyone have noticed this using Logitech wheels
  3. I figured out what was causing it, inputs were mapped with lack of Report Combined Pedals. Other games never needed this option so i never used it, apparently TDU needs this function to be turned on for pedals to work correctly. It's feels like a new game afterwards! Thank you both for your attempts to help me out.
  4. Fairly certain that custom springs won't solve this issue. The issue is that across the full range of pedal travel, TDU input mappings are distributed incorrectly. I have tested Ctrl+G menu. It shows that all pedals seem to be perceived at 100% when i am only pressing 50% in real life. In-game it reaches 100% when only pressing 50%. Does your G27 feel like this?
  5. Hello Everyone, I've got Logitech wheel and compared to other games TDU inputs are overly sensitive on small press of a pedal to the point where they feel non linear. When I'm pressing 50% throttle It reaches 100% In-game. Pedal inputs are working under 50% range and not fully employing 100%. Searching way to make pedals work linearly or increase the 50% range to a 100% Solved: You need to turn on "Report Combined Pedals" inside Logitech driver and then map pedals afterwards.
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