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  1. Windows dont work, only the driver's window goes down
  2. A car that should have been in TDU2 by default !
  3. Hello Guys Im from Albania and I've been playing TDU2 since it came out, been quite involved in the modding community here and have contributed financially to mod creators. Since 1 year ago ive been working and improving upon the Unofficial Patches released, by balancing out the cars in game and adding new cars (up to a point where my TDU2 reached 270 cars) and tailoring the performance of the cars in game so they can be as realistic as possible regarding the TDU2 gameplay. I hope one day i can share this private project with everyone in here
  4. theres also the chrysler 300c with all its bodykits any chance you can magically bring it back also ? And many many thanks !
  5. Can we get a reupload of this one too ?
  6. Many thanks made my day and im not even a bmw fan haha
  7. Can it be reuploaded ?
  8. The guy just asked how to install in italian, apparentely he doesnt speak english so i helped him out
  9. Prima devi fare un Unpack dell gioco, dopo questo te ne puoi inserire dei mod e modificare le macchine e gli impostazioni
  10. Sound use corvette ZR1, its the same engine
  11. Max RPM-7800 Min RPM-1000 Speed-408 kmh Torque-1215nm @6500 HP-1000 @6800 Damping-0.00 Inertia-18 0-100-2.700 Turbos-2 V8 Mid Engine size-7298 Gear Ratios 1. 2.87 2, 1.77 3, 1.26 4, 1.000 5, 0.8300 6, 0.67 Final 3.24 Sequential - RWD - Shift Time 0.1000 Shift up 7300rpm Shift Down 6000rpm Carbon Ceramic Brakes 390 front 360 back Weight 1300kgs
  12. ohh you mean the ride height, nothing the tduvpe cant fix xD
  13. it is quite good actually and fits perfect with the tdu2 ambience, its not extra shiny or too glossy.
  14. So i ordered a mod for more than a month ago from Johny01 or in VK known as Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] and the person nor hasnt completed the mod nor did they bother writing me back on details of their work or if they had any life problems and couldnt finish on time and ofcourse didnt refund any money. I am making this thread so anyone will know and wont waste time and money with certain people like it happened to me, Have a good day folks.
  15. So i was browsing through my mods library and suddenly came across a mod that i dont see in this forum Its a Pagani Zonda Cinque tuned (looks nice actually) Replaces: Pagani Zonda Cinque or any other zonda for that matter Converted: SKK Enjoy fellas https://www.mediafire.com/file/uuuj4g8v90f5x2q/Pagani_Zonda_Cinque_-_86CB.rar/file
  16. Honestly i just love this car, it deserves more attention and the conversion is good too.
  17. Im gonna share my personal view on this thing as i stay in neutral grounds as a benefiter of the community more than a modder. TDU2 is not a flashy game like many other new games in the market and nor does it have the overwhelming community of GTA5 or etc. Ive been with tdu2 modding community since the days of Reventon09 For as far as I know, out of every other modder in here StarGT has given the community more than everyone, i dont know about your personal crusade against him and honestly i dont care much. He made the Unnofficial pack and for that reason TDU2 was even on some popular youtubers videos. Let alone how many free cars he has released. I ordered an Audi R8 from him since all the free ones werent so good and his mods (in my point of view) are the best you can get. After he made the mod for me he released it for the whole community so everyone could enjoy it and honestly i really liked what he did as it would make a lot of people happy. While when i ordered from other modders most of them dont even release the car but even try to profit more by trying to sell the car over and over again to many people and honestly thats a thing i dont like. What i wish for this community, is to have more people making stuff for TDU2 (even tho people still like the TDU1 for some physics reason) as this way we can enjoy a world of cars we like in here. I have suggested all the time the idea of a Patreon and I would gladly donate for TDU2, if no one can manage it I would do it and give all the donated money to the modders(commission free) as honestly i dont need that money. As TDUZoqqer said, learn to mod yourself if youre not happy with it, I would have spent time learning modding but saddly i dont have time for it. Have a nice day !
  18. Good quality Good addition Good replacement 10/10
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