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  1. Windows dont work, only the driver's window goes down
  2. A car that should have been in TDU2 by default !
  3. Hello Guys Im from Albania and I've been playing TDU2 since it came out, been quite involved in the modding community here and have contributed financially to mod creators. Since 1 year ago ive been working and improving upon the Unofficial Patches released, by balancing out the cars in game and adding new cars (up to a point where my TDU2 reached 270 cars) and tailoring the performance of the cars in game so they can be as realistic as possible regarding the TDU2 gameplay. I hope one day i can share this private project with everyone in here
  4. theres also the chrysler 300c with all its bodykits any chance you can magically bring it back also ? And many many thanks !
  5. Can we get a reupload of this one too ?
  6. Many thanks made my day and im not even a bmw fan haha
  7. The guy just asked how to install in italian, apparentely he doesnt speak english so i helped him out
  8. Prima devi fare un Unpack dell gioco, dopo questo te ne puoi inserire dei mod e modificare le macchine e gli impostazioni
  9. Sound use corvette ZR1, its the same engine
  10. Max RPM-7800 Min RPM-1000 Speed-408 kmh Torque-1215nm @6500 HP-1000 @6800 Damping-0.00 Inertia-18 0-100-2.700 Turbos-2 V8 Mid Engine size-7298 Gear Ratios 1. 2.87 2, 1.77 3, 1.26 4, 1.000 5, 0.8300 6, 0.67 Final 3.24 Sequential - RWD - Shift Time 0.1000 Shift up 7300rpm Shift Down 6000rpm Carbon Ceramic Brakes 390 front 360 back Weight 1300kgs
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