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  1. Pablo320i

    TDU 2 Private servers?

    Good morning, is there a "Reincarnation" or "project paradise" type server from Test Drive Unlimited for Test Drive Unlimited 2? I'm talking about adding mods and full online mode, because the bad thing about Project Paradise is that all online modes are disabled except cruising and instant races. Boring. Project Paradise is a great mod with many improvements compared to the original server, if the clubs activated, drive-in, etc. It would be a great server. I hope you add an online server in TDU 2 that has all online modes. A greeting!
  2. When can we enjoy this features? I hope that can be activate soon because my friends and me want to create a club, trade cars/bikes and enjoy the full multiplayer game. Thank to the creators of this mod, it's incredible!! I played in 2007 when the official servers were activated, missed too much this game.
  3. Pablo320i

    Merry Xmas!

    How about a "Project Paradise" for TDU 2? It's a great idea!