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  1. That is exactly what i did but it still don't work.
  2. Please does anyone have a fix for this
  3. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ????? This happens a lot, some cars in the dealer get stretched to infinity. Please help it would be a great shame if I couldn't play this.
  4. Hi guys, whenever i load the game this happens???
  5. i dont think my GPUs overheateing but it could be, i have a Nvidea GT 740, so not that good but it could run the original game fine
  6. Hey milli its me again ( the mountains in the sky guy) i have some pictures now.
  7. Yep, everything worked except the graphics
  8. no, the ground is clear with just the foliage models and there r weird shapes in the sky like the texture of the land has risen above the collision
  9. milli why do i have mountains in the sky????
  10. Hi Milli i'm having a problem where there are mountains in the sky and no texture on the ground, its such a good mod and it would be a shame if i couldn't play it, please help!!!
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