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  1. Very interesting Mondodimotori, thank you for sharing. I tried driving around with a different car for a half hour and did not have an issue. I was originally in one of the tuned versions of the AE86 Toyota. The vehicle delivery mission I mentioned was on the west coast of the island with the Plymouth Superbird. I'll try it again tonight with some different cars and see if any of them recreate the problem reliably.
  2. I have been noticing it with multiple cars, none in particular, and at all times. I was doing a vehicle delivery mission once and it occurred, as if a traffic car model spawned in that broke the game. I also had it occur when another player (an actual player, not AI) drove by me, and their car had all kinds of missing texture files which tanked my frame rate and eventually crashed the game. It would make sense to me that I am missing a file or files that is necessary to avoid this.
  3. I have tried this before and to no avail. I have 16gb of DDR4 memory with a Ryzen 5 CPU for reference. Is there any way to optimise performance for my system? I'm using Windows 10 so considering the games age I'm sure part of the problem could just be compatibility.
  4. I've noticed an issue that I'm having some trouble with. During gameplay my game will sometimes suffer awful framerate drops and eventually crash. I've read on the comments of the installation video on YT that this is due to not having Patch 1.66 and the Megapack. I installed a clean copy of the game with no patches and nothing else, and copied/overwrote everything with the Platinum files. Am I missing a step here?
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