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  1. Thanks for your answer! I've tested this and in many cases 2 loads are the same rpm range, which is strange of course. Some engines have a weird sound loop in the higher rpm change, and by setting one load to 0 it disappears for example. But all in all, TDU 2's sound engine is utter garbage by looking at the files and how they are used, your tool helps in the making of a sound mod, but I hope there is someone out there who knows what the loads exactly represent, so sound modders can make even better sound mods.
  2. Great tool, but I don't fully understand what the Loads mean. A tutorial video on what each and every value represent ingame would be of much help. I just got into sound modding, and understanding how this tool works and what the different loads mean would greatly improve it. Does the different Loads mean when the sounds activate or is it just changing the volume of the sounds for example?
  3. Honestly, what bugs me the most about TDU 2 are the engine sounds. They are for the most part just straight up horrible and non-accurate. Have yet to find a decent tutorial on how to make your own sound mod for TDU 2
  4. I was wondering if anyone still has the DBS Sound mod from Jorge Modek? It is the most accurate one out there, but I cant find a download link anywhere. I also started to do the sound mod myself, but it is such a pain in the ass to do when there are barely any games with finished sound banks and having to record it yourself or use YT videos......
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