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  1. too much noobs, too much bitches, also, yall are trash

  2. ""Thank For the Help"" anyway, i find the complete game in youtube
  3. bruh, i can request the complete game in my discord
  4. Mili, you can upload the complete game? i mean, all patched and cracked, the complete one
  5. https://imgur.com/umvWepg https://imgur.com/G8gN9OB https://imgur.com/2ScXyIn
  6. anyway, i have the Lag bug, i mean, lagging player, except, the White one, how to fix?
  7. *facepalm* is a 599XX, but, is not a 599XX EVO
  8. is a example image, Bruh, i mean, this mod no have the 599XX evoluzione, also, im dissapointed
  9. yes, you cant, but only you can see, other player can read like custom car
  10. I really want this beast in the street, maybe any can make this mod in the future... This car is already enter in forza horizon, any can get the model and import in the game
  11. you try opening the TDUF-database-gui.cmd?
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