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  1. ALSO, you forgott put the veneno and the chiron like a unlockeable car
  2. Game started at: 08/27/19 10:47:21 Pacific Daylight Time upnpDiscover() found UPnP devices on network valid gateway device found port 8889 successfully opened, no manual action needed
    Nice, is like a private raceway, and i like it, maybe in the future any can make a replica of nurburgring
  3. ""Thank For the Help"" anyway, i find the complete game in youtube
  4. bruh, i can request the complete game in my discord
  5. Mili, you can upload the complete game? i mean, all patched and cracked, the complete one
  6. https://imgur.com/umvWepg https://imgur.com/G8gN9OB https://imgur.com/2ScXyIn
  7. anyway, i have the Lag bug, i mean, lagging player, except, the White one, how to fix?
  8. is a example image, Bruh, i mean, this mod no have the 599XX evoluzione, also, im dissapointed
  9. yes, you cant, but only you can see, other player can read like custom car
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