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  1. I just realized Ford Mustang Roush tune still has the bug where it can't accelerate past 201-210kph. That makes me so sad...
  2. I also had this issue initially. After getting VPN, though, it's fine now. Some ISPs throttle or outright stop you from torrenting stuff. Maybe that's why?
  3. I've encountered a strange problem. I"m not getting any sounds via bluetooth headphone. It was working fine, but then, since a couple of days ago, no sounds at all. No car sounds, no music, no SFX, nothing. The game itself plays fine for a bit, then crashes. When using the PC's speakers or even wired headphones, the game outputs all the sounds just fine. It's just the bluetooth one that's giving me problems. And no, I did confirm that the bluetooth headphone works perfectly fine with other games and music/Youtube. I'd appreciate it if anyone has a workaround or a fix. Even an idea on what's going on here will be fine. Thanks.
  4. That's the thing, I'm not so sure if that's the case. That's why I was asking for an opinion of someone who has poked around the game's codes. I was playing the game around five o'clock today, and when I tried out the time challenge "the Big Challenge", that became a game of "dodge the traffic", instead. A few months ago, I played the game "totally" offline this one time, and the traffic AI went batshit crazy back then. After that, I was unable to recreate what happened. Maybe something in the game broke, because I don't remember higher AI traffic volume before that weird thing.
  5. Hi. Is anyone here who has messed around with the base code of the game, confirm for me if the time IRL affects the amount of AI traffic I encounter while roaming around the map? Because I swear, I've seen more AI traffic cars when I play the game during the daytime. In the late evenings, (which is when I usually play) the roads are mostly deserted.
  6. I haven't checked that, but it wasn't just the races. Time trials, speed traps, just driving around doing nothing... AI traffic cars were everywhere. Unticking the "Offline" box in the launcher menu brought everything back to normal, though.
  7. Out of curiosity, I ticked on the "offline" part in the Paradise Launcher menu a couple of days ago. I'm not sure if it was a bug or not, but what happened was... I was basically bombarded with AI traffic cars. Every. Freaking. Where. There were so many AI traffic cars, in fact, AI opponent cars in races were constantly crashing into them. Kinda hilarious to watch, but not actually any fun to participate in... Seriously though, was that a bug?
  8. I was going to, but before that, I figured I'd give it another shot and tried PE 2.77. Still didn't work, but strangely enough, PE 2.5 did launch with list of cars and everything. So I used PE 2.5 to edit the names and tried to launch the game, and then... Nothing. The game just crashes without even launching. I tried to selectively re-install the game, but that didn't help, so I need to do a complete clean re-install of the whole game now. I don't have the free time to do that now, though. Probably over the weekends. My takeaway out of this mess is: wait until Milli is done with 1.13. Hah.
  9. Hi. I wanted to say thank you to Milli and everyone involved in this awesome project. I've been having a great time playing the mod. However, two small problems crept up when I tried to add new cars downloaded from HF garage and I was wondering anyone here can help me. The first problem: the cars I added to the game by replacing the "custom cars" all show up without rear tyres. And when selecting different wheels in the dealerships, all tyres disappear. It happened on both the Alpine A110 as well as 2017 Ford GT. The second problem: I was trying to edit the names of the added cars from "custom" to their OG names, but the performance editor keeps saying "TDU database not found" despite being in the same folder as the game itself. What am I doing wrong here?
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