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  1. That's exactly why I posted this request, it's because during installing patch 1.21 I didn't expect the weather to change, which it did, and I have no backups whatsoever.
  2. Hello everyone, I hope moderators approve to this because it's my first post here, in which I'd like to request the original TDU Platinum weather mod (purple sunset) it was so lovely gave me unlimited inner peace If anyone still has it I'll be very grateful if they could share a link from which I could download it, and thank you
    Amazing mod bruv I even started a new game only to enjoy it to the fullest and had a weather mod along as well, but hear me out, how about (just a kind and peaceful suggestion because i really loved what you did) you add the 90s too? Since you got cars from the 50s up to the 80s why not include some 90s as well and make it the ultimate golden vintage experience? Like adding the other skylines prior to the R34, maybe throw in some old lancers too? I understand the day-to-day stuff you go through and I know it eats a whole lot of time but I'm just saying yk
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