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  1. Hi! I know I'm a year late, but I figured I might as well attempt to post anyway. So, I really love the mod and the textures are super good - I like how it conveys Oahu actually being a tropical island, the vanilla textures feel too much like a regular deciduous forest to my liking - but they have a pretty major issue in which the tree foliages don't seem to fade to blue or a lower-resolution texture when in the distance, which makes it look quite jarring and nothing like how it's like in your screenshots. Maybe I installed it wrong?
  2. Oh my gosh, that solved it! I feel dumb now ^^; Thanks for helping out! I noticed it unpacked even the game executable and various other files, but I had no idea it created an entire new install of the game, I always thought it had to be fused with the original installation.
  3. Hi. While browsing around randomly, I saw that TDU2 had its own car pack mods much like TDU1 has its own (Platinum). I always thought TDU2 was a cool game with fascinating mechanics, but its car list was always really bland to me. I decided I'd try it out since I wanted to drive around Ibiza and Hawaii with my favourite cars (<cough> F50 <cough>). Unfortunately, because it seems I'm cursed with software and other electronics, it's not working. I used the unpacker, unpacked the game to a secondary directory, placed the unpacked Euro folder in the original directory, ran the Unofficial Patch's installer, installed the Auto Pack afterward, and ran it through the Universal Launcher, but it's as if the game just straight-up isn't loading the mods anymore. None of the new cars apppear in the dealers, be they from UP or AutoPack. I already asked for help in the discord server and in their respective threads, but I've noticed a lot of people have had the same issues as me and they've always been completely ignored when posting there. So I'm hoping that a thread like this could get the attention of someone who does know how to fix it, as well as possibly being a megathread for this bug in specific that people can later on find during google searches and discover a possible solution to this should they run into the same problem.
  4. Is there any way to check whether the Unofficial Patch was properly installed or not? I was under the assumption that this patch added new cars like the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, but it and various other cars listed in the original post are nowhere to be found. I have the same issue with the AutoPack.
  5. Just like several people in this thread have reported, I am dealing with a bug where none of the cars are showing up in any of the dealerships. And having witnessed this thread's post history, my bug report will probably go completely ignored without any solution provided, just like all the previous posts reporting this bug.
  6. Since the release of UCP and, recently, TDU Platinum, I've somewhat entertained the idea of doing a self-imposed challenge where I pretend the game is set on the mid-1980s, and only use vehicles that correspond to that time period (whether because they were produced in the '80s, or were made in the '70s and earlier). Of course, doing such a challenge while the traffic cars date to the 1990s and 2000s kind of ruins immersion (which itself is also already kind of ruined when on a race with opponents that use cars made in the '90s and onwards, but fortunately time trials and speed trials don't have those), so I was hoping there could be a mod that had traffic cars corresponding to the ideal time period. The only match I found was Patch 1975; while it has traffic from the '70s and not the '80s, it's not really that big of a deal, and would still be more immersive than '90s and '00s traffic. Unfortunately, the official download link is dead. Does anyone still happen to have that patch, or otherwise know where I can find it? I apologize in advance if this thread was posted in the wrong section, I didn't really know where to post it.
  7. For what it's worth, I've made a list back in 2018 of the cars I had played with through UCP, listing which ones had lag (including their severity), and which didn't. We should all combinate to make a list of which cars are known to be laggy, so people can avoid them.
  8. That's weird. I wonder what I'm doing wrong for me to be unable to request an instant challenge.
  9. Hey, did you disable the ability to do instant challenges? I've been trying to do an instant challenge with an AI racer by flashing my headlights at them, but nothing happens.
  10. Neat! Great to hear it's an actual solution instead of just pure luck. That file is only supposed to work for the cars you get as a reward for achievements, I think. Like the Volkswagen W12. It's not for all cars, or that would be pretty broken.
  11. So, far, I've managed to avoid the bug by pressing P, then Esc, to pause the game twice before alt-tabbing. So far. Maybe I just got tremendously lucky.
  12. Congrats on your achievement, Milli. I'm really admiring everything you did for the mod. I was expecting it to be just a car pack, but you added so much more stuff. I wasn't expecting something up to this caliber, so suffice to say you made me a very impressed girl. Now the only thing that still disappoints me is the limited wardrobe choice for characters, especially female ones, lol. I always like imagining my characters a certain way (example: the girl pictured in my avatar), but can never make a character in TDU that looks exactly how I envision her. Is it even possible to add custom outfits to the game? I know that UCP and Platinum adds "swimsuits", yet those look completely invisible for me.
  13. I loved the NFS: PU songs as well. I'm loving the mod so far. You did a great job with it!
  14. Ooooh, that makes sense. I already have all that installed, so I was afraid I'd have to modify all that again, haha
  15. Ahhh, I see. What about the other files in the main directory, though? Like the d3d9.dll and such?
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