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  1. a little in-game video. I apologize for the errors but I adjust the steering wheel settings. however, it seems that the game became different immediately after the modifications, which is why it doesn't seem like I'm playing a ten-year game. https://www.mediafire.com/file/jlsnxbcxg5p27yv/Test_Drive_Unlimited_2_2021-10-07_04-32-21.mp4/file and this is a short video from my other favorite game Forza horizon 4 https://www.mediafire.com/file/pdqjwer14mvgkx0/Forza_Horizon_4_2021-05-31_03-16-53.mp4/file
  2. will only work in the unofficial version! i know that other versions of these add-ons will not work! if you install it differently it won't be good either! me on the first page listed all 47 cars can be found after installation and copying to the right place!
  3. I get speechless! of course i paste the name of any of my developers just please link to who they are or who it would be exactly. before I unpacked this version I installed I already had another version on the machine. I unpacked I installed this version and I already have two games installed. which was the first version I deleted because it wasn't needed, of course I copied my game save before deleting. so this unofficial version version is for you too because only in this version do the mods changes improvements innovations etc. other version I think is not good.
  4. I understand. then I ask for an example of this to look at the thing exactly.
  5. it took me days to gather these files, what, how, where, from how many times because they were in disarray in all the pieces. required directory or file in one place! with this collection I helped myself the most but I also try to make it easier for others to install because it’s much easier so anyone doesn’t have to search to find out exactly what they need.
  6. Tadpole greeting! I see you have some tangle. I have collected game related accessories in one place, check out my site or search the forum here: TDU2 all in one place.
  7. Tadpole greeting! I see you have some tangle. I have collected game related accessories in one place, check out my site or search the forum here: TDU2 all in one place.
    who installed this add-on package what changes did you notice? works, doesn't it freeze? something like that.. i tried how this works for me. for me the remastered 1.5 V. is & mandatory suggested accessories. this version doesn't even get to my good home screen, it doesn't load, it exits while charging!
  8. Hi! I couldn't find the game-related collection in one place, so I put it here that interests me. I've put together the files that will be much better than the basic version after installing! The final size of the game will be 20 GB! if everything is true and good looking then more than 200 cars will be available! there is a basic installation schedule that I followed, but it is still advisable to add to make the game even richer. The two files will be 9 GB in size after unpacking. Readme.txt contains the recommended installation. In the game directory you can find the directories to be overwritten in euro-bnk. https://www.mediafire.com/file/r4y6ctuwagnta13/Games-TDU2_MOD.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/23er86als8mlzq2/Games-TDU2_MOD%281%29.rar/file Readme.txt these directories are packaged, The full contents are visible: these directories are packaged, The full contents are visible:
  9. I installed the car packages where I needed to. but for something I don't understand, Ibiza Island is a western Italian car showroom, what are you looking for in a Renault Clio v6 car ??
  10. thanks for the help. directx 9-10-11-12 also goes with me. I mean the game runs directx 9. these menu items that are listed I did almost all of. i even installed several things. remastered mod 1.5 also, Ibiza and Hawaii remastered, orthomap and more. the game has been much better than it was, it can be seen right after the modifications that the developers have improved a lot on it. it became fantastic seriously. that’s how it should have looked after appearance I think. great experience to play with it because now it really looks like the game is alive.
  11. Now I haven't gotten smarter I feel how does this vulkan thing work? or what good is it, what is its function?
  12. what is the vulkan version? where is it located and how to install it for what good?
    great job thanks for that. there are problems with several cars, the interior view is faulty, or there is one that even has the exterior. What could be the problem?
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