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  1. On 2/1/2023 at 6:12 AM, sosamane said: Do you have a download link for the Serenity pack with all 47 cars? I can't find a working link anywhere. the two pictures above show the already packed content. but I think I have what you are looking for. On 2/1/2023 at 6:12 AM, sosamane said: Do you have a download link for the Serenity pack with all 47 cars? I can't find a working link anywhere. I have already downloaded an RS version which is 40GB. if you are interested, search for test driving unlimited 2 rs and you will find the contact details. there are also videos of what's in it, a lot of cars, that's for sure. I corrected. try again because I tested it and it works now, that is, it allows the download. I don't know why it's having problems. yes, I looked. there is some legal protection problem with it, but I can't filter it out. have fun https://www.mediafire.com/file/23er86als8mlzq2/Games-TDU2_MOD%281%29.rar/file https://fastupload.io/VEoDVTSL4DogUOb/file
  2. Do you want to know what the new road project means?
  3. the uplauncher can easily interfere because it wants to update and connect to the server, but it can't, so the game can't start. therefore, it is mandatory to use the tdu2 universal launcher v.3.6. the game wouldn't start without it for me. but if you want something good, you should search for the tdu2 RS version, which means a 40 GB unpacked game and includes a lot of things that are missing, many types of cars and more
  4. Hello! is there an option in the game to see oncoming cars better from a distance? currently the problem is that it is less possible to see the oncoming cars, during the day or in the shadow, and especially in the dark at night. because although they are illuminated, they are hardly noticeable because they blend into the environment. is there any kind of solution to this problem?
  5. there are three types of setting modes For driving = driving aid-full assistance-sport-hard-I think the latter is the best. Basically, I didn't find it, I just used the available settings, which are good for the game pad = xbox360 controller. but as I wrote, I will test it with a steering wheel pedal set when I have time, and I will let you know. i have hori rwa government. I'm not a car simulator player, I just play on a hobby level. my car games = forza horizon 3-4, wrc fia world rally, sega rally, wreckfast. https://stores.horiusa.com/racing-wheel-apex-for-playstation-4-3-and-pc/
  6. thanks for the information it was detailed. while looking for it, I found the latest download file. what was surprising to me is that the game is a good 38 gigabytes unpacked. I noticed that the cars in the salons were completely rearranged, they were organized. there are errors in quite a few cars that the interior view is faulty, but you can zoom or rewrite the camera value and then it will be fixed. on the island of Hawaii, there is only one car in one of the car showrooms, I enter it but I can't exit because the game freezes citing error DLC 34.. there's something wrong there.. but I can see that basically they tried a lot to see the difference in the graphics. I've been playing with a game pad and steering wheel pedal set until now, but now I tested the game pad and it works the same as in the previous version, but I'll try it with a steering wheel pedal set as well. Traffic cars are varied, they pass me by with different sound effects. environmental sounds are also quite good. And quite a few cars have had their engine sounds replaced, some of them better, others worse. what immediately stood out was that the colors were better in the previous version, but in this version the colors seem duller, I'm sure it's because of the reshade because I've already experienced this in several games. but there is no doubt that this is all a great job, I can see that this part 2 is maximized in this form.
  7. thank you for the information. I didn't know there was such a package this large amount of collection so it might be interesting. I couldn't find contact, can you link something? Did you test and have experience with this package?
  8. in the controller settings, you can customize it per button, set the gamepad allocation as you like, I was able to solve this with an Xbox 360 controller and a Logitech dual action gamepad, but I also have a Hori RWA steering wheel set, and I can calibrate it per button.
  9. i don't know what that might be. the windows file manager in the fuck. i think you use this as a file manager= https://portable4pc.com/total-commander-portable/ totalcmdportable exe-desktop icon. make the settings then use this. it has been proven for me for about 15 years.
  10. in TDU2 online mode.bat put it on the desktop, it will be your game launcher for me so good.
  11. bitdefender doesn't even know it's like that. MaxSecure Trojan.Malware.300983.susgen.
  12. I will describe this in the first round so that everyone knows about it: this is file= Trojan.Malware.300983.susgen. TDU2VPE the car editing programs i think it's good enough at least for me i think for others. what are you making for what good?
  13. it was a very good initiative no doubt but I see that it has become nothing. however, could anyone help make the listed cars motorcycles available for download from somewhere? if there is such a possibility then I could insert the vehicles in the remaining places if the editor allows it... the car editing=tdu2 vehicle property editor.
  14. I was reminded of these, I have no other idea, but there are others here who can help.
  15. i don't think it depends on that. well, now the sounds of traffic cars have become a joke Ibiza https://we.tl/t-yWF3AgE8KL Hawai https://we.tl/t-P0mVzWMlql
  16. i don't know what could be wrong there. for me this game is installed and the accessories. there may be a video card driver problem as well. I think you can download this, copy it into the games library. see if it will be good or not. if not good then what i put here should be installed. this is= https://www.dll-files.com/kernelbase.dll.html
  17. no problem, i also use a translator. i think try what i wrote.
  18. thank you for the informatoin. there is another recommended accessory, I copied it, the sound of a couple of cars got better. https://turboduck.net/files/file/448-tdu2-traffic-truck-sound-mod/?tab=reviews&sort=newest#review-390
    great job, the sounds got better: bus, ambulance, fire truck, truck.
  19. the problem with the image refresh was when the game was not running in full screen mode. then it only runs at 50-59 Hz but after pressing alt + enter it switched to full screen. running the game at 75 Hz- on my monitor. the steam can smoothly interfere with the game, you have to deny access.
  20. I had this problem when I started it with non-administrator privileges or I had a vga driver problem. only the universal launcher is willing to work in the game, but I turn it off before starting the windows defender. here on the site I saw nvidia card solution, repair, but I don't know where exactly.
  21. the problem with the image refresh was when the game was not running in full screen mode. then it only runs at 50-59 Hz but after pressing alt + enter it switched to full screen. running the game at 75 Hz on my monitor.
  22. if i take a closer look again then you are really sorry. can i see then you already have hd traffic is set the cars are also replaced?
  23. thanks for uploading, but I hear I have the same sounds. if you are interested in my site you will find my collection which has a lot of good things in one place. if i can see the texture renovation you haven't done yet you can find it with me i can recommend. https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/37963-tdu2-all-in-one-place/?tab=comments#comment-614179
  24. thanks. did you manage to test it while playing? how can you upload a test video?
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