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  1. yh none of this makes sense or works could someone just send me a bnk file that has been edited so that there are no bots cheers
  2. V sync is on and it's still looking all bland and that with no clouds I might try and install a weather mod to see if that changes it its annoying me alot though
  3. Okay thanks for that it helped but I think there has been another issue pop up and it's when I start driving around the game lags a tiny bit,fps drop frequently and the sky has no clouds and everything looks sort of plain I'm again not sure what's going on before
  4. Okay does that mean I have to reinstall the whole game or just delete it from tdu
  5. I updated my tdu platinum to 1.21 because I was playing a earlier update and some things were glitching so I thought let's update so I followed a tutorial to get v1.21 by car games velz on YouTube I followed the steps that he showed on screen but then I loaded up my tdu via the platinum launcher it loads up in this sort of russian and when I select a language eg Italian and then go to select English it takes me back to this Russian any clue on what's going on
  6. @Jonathan6506 Yes I launch it via the project paradise launcher don't know what's going on
  7. When I load up tdu platinum the cars seem to be undriveable and not going anywhere and when I go to dealerships for eg mercedes the cars are not showing any help with what's going on I am sure I installed everything correctly I followed Alex vii tutorial on YouTube
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