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  1. Milli told me that TDUMT 1.16.2 does not support new cameras. What I need TDUMT 1.16.3. It's right?
  2. It was the new camera that I created. We used the TDUF text interface to create a duplicate and Cameras.bin Editor for editing. An error occurs when loading VehicleManager in TDUMT 1.16.2
  3. Hi Djey. I had an unpleasant situation. I need your help with TDUMT. Please help me. I created a new individual camera for the machine by editing the Camera.bin file from the DataBase folder. The fact is that now when I enter TDUMT in the Vehicle Manager section, I get an error ** 15.11.2019 20:50:56 ERROR *** Exception > Unable to load requested vehicle data. -- parent exception -- *** EndOfStreamException > Чтение после конца потока невозможно. в System.IO.__Error.EndOfFile() в System.IO.BinaryReader.FillBuffer(Int32 numBytes) в System.IO.BinaryReader.ReadUInt32() в TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.binaries.Cameras._ReadData() в TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.binaries.Cameras..ctor(String camFileName) в TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.TduFile.GetFile(String fileName) в TDUModdingTools.gui.wizards.vehiclemanager.VehicleManagerForm._LoadVehicleData(String slotRef) I really look forward to your help. Thank you in advance)
  4. I understood you. I want to say that when compiling this version, I used the easiest and fastest compression method, which is why the .rar file is so large. For the next update, I will correct the installer and choose a stronger compression method to reduce the size of the .rar file.
  5. What is a PSP? If you are talking about the computer version, then on the Internet there are many manuals on this topic. Even in TDU_Platinum has all the necessary programs and manuals
  6. Dear Surkho. Why did you steal the description text from my post? Do you really have enough ideas to write this text in your own way? Even the font and color of the text on the "Download" link is the same. I would not be surprised if physics with btrq is also stolen from my assembly. Why are you doing this? Of course, I do not mind, because my project is completely open, and this I want to show an example of how it should be. But I think that your actions are not right. If you want to stand out, then come up with something of your own.
  7. The assembly is being developed on my computer with Windows 10, what could be wrong there?)
  8. This world is for those who want to experience and enjoy the atmosphere of Hawaii differently, to the full, with new colors and atmosphere. TDU_Daydream ver. 1.02b ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the assembly: - The assembly from ReincarnaTion is taken as a basis and includes 676 cars. - The game is developed exclusively for veteran mode. All characteristics are adjusted exclusively for this mode for realism. - Each car is as close as possible in terms of characteristics to real ones (excluding clutch) - starting from power and torque curves, ending with maximum speed, acceleration and control. - This assembly has its own unique weather, some sounds and textures of its own design. In addition, vegetation textures were replaced, HD-patch graphics were added, in-game ENB was added, Library.3DD was added. The game supports resolutions up to 4K and 60fps, as well as expansion to multiple screens (through the settings of the video card). - The game replaced the radio with my personal tracks and podcasts. Updated periodically. Whether you want to listen or not, it's up to you. - As the game develops, all cars will be fully developed in the future. What is different about this build: - Replaced textures of vegetation and posters (taken from Hawaiian Paradise) - Replaced some traffic patterns - Created from scratch grass textures (thanks Rt-Rt) - Replaced in-game radio and gradually updated - Replaced turbo sound (thanks ZMZ) - Replaced the sound of the police (thanks ZMZ) - Created a unique weather from scratch (cyclical, corresponding to real time with a ratio of 1: 2) - Fixed some traffic bugs - Added feedback fix for Logitech G27 rudders - Added HD patch graphics - Added ENB - Added Library.3DD - Added your license plate - Fixed car reflections - Fixed some names - Added your logo ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is new in version 1.02b: - Completely redesigned BMW interior in the north of the island. Also, with it, cars have new physics, sounds, colors, prices, tuning, graphics are redesigned. - Completely redesigned hidden cabin near Chrysler. Now there are SUVs. Also, cars have new physics, sounds, colors, prices, tuning, graphics are redesigned. - Weather update - Added beta version of your license plate - Asphalt is returned to the stock version due to alpha layer problems (so as not to have to enable 16x filtering) - Stock posters and traffic lights returned ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sample system requirements for stable operation of the game: - 2x core processor with 2.4 GHz or higher - from 2 (and better from 4 GB) RAM - video card from 1GB or greater (Nvidia GTS 250 or higher, and similarly AMD (ATi) HD 4770 or higher) - free disk space from 25GB and above - specifically for this assembly I recommend the presence of SSD (solid-state drive with high read / write speed, modern analogue to simple hard drives), well, or a hard drive with high read speed (from 120 Mb / s) and a small delay (from 5 ms and less, buffer from 64MB and more). This is due to the fact that the game is demanding on the hard disk, as it has a large game world and is constantly working with compression of textures. To avoid tangible loads and loss of textures, this is especially important. See you in Hawaii! Regards, mds_blaze_scut ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to download - https://hf-garage.ru/tdu_daydream - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ve1cADXsOJglGIdwihnENp5grJ_43CpG/view?usp=sharing Especially for foreign players! English interface, as requested) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_WRSVOmhMds4s8AYAOdm4iTkBqyjz6l3/view?usp=sharing TDU_Daydream Promo video - Drift on TDU_Daydream - Short covers - My boldest build experiment (will be further implemented) - Update Description Video - Official group, Russian-speaking community and technical support - https://vk.com/tdu_daydream ____________________________________________________ P.S.: translated using Google Translate All work on the assembly was done by me personally and alone. The videos are recorded in real time on the in-game interface, mounted by me. Anyway, I do everything myself
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