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  1. I remember I was doing something along those lines with N1pper and some other funny dude I forgot the name of :(
  2. This is what I just spotted over at the official forums.
  3. I hate it when that happens. And the casino stole money from me AGAIN! 150K in total now :oook:
  4. Its coming Soonish to bring back the most famous word in TDU1
  5. are you using a .hex tool or something? I need more money!
  6. Someone pass me a splif I have a small feeling this isn't over YET! No I am not addicted Diabs! Never was for that matter.
  7. A Punto Abarth would be cool some healthy competition for the Mito. And both of these cars are not in the game maybe you could swap files with another car and see what you get :P
  8. QFT, I am actually one of the few here on the forums that actually loves the game. It has it flaws but so did TDU1. Its Atari they always release buggy games but only the real hardcore players love them.
  9. :hsquad: :coolspot: Lololololololol :bananadance3: :chewy: Thats awesome haha
  10. Oh my you are gonna be a menace to society if you do that.
  11. Give me a E36 318I (not the IS) and 3.0 bar pressure and you can drift pretty good not awesome but its fun to catch some corners. And asphalt is indeed the preferred surface. This +1 the steering is a bit twitchy at moments but with adjustments its getting a WHOLE lot better. The amount of oversteer on some car could be better and less extreme and all of a sudden.
  12. Diabs still alive :p I haven't seen the man in ages guess I need to join in on a cruise when the servers are working properly. I do still have you on my friends list right Mellors?
  13. No that is the normal one, which is an unbelievable amount of fun, but it lacks top speed and that would be nice to have one some of the racing tracks out there which are the only places I am at nowadays. To sick of the terrible voiceacting. Well I am just gonna see whats coming and I will keep on waiting together with my bunny:bunny:
  14. Is the Atom V8 a club car by any chance? Because then I NEED to be in a club.
  15. The 599 GTO is a brilliant car but I chose the SLS because it has such a nice growl in it.
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