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  1. I'm up for this if the time suits me :nods:
  2. Yeah Kimi is definitely being bashed way too much these days. It's true that he needs the car 100% to his liking to do well but whenever that happens, he's bloody fast. He almost got the pole in Sochi (which he would have deserved imho) even though he's never been magical in quali. Sadly I'm afraid that Bottas can't keep up with Hamilton and Ferrari can't keep up with Mercedes throughout the season, making this an easy one for Hamilton. Won't mind being wrong though :hmmm:
  3. I wasn't saying it as an excuse, just wondering that's all.
  4. Digital gauges took ages before game devs started actually doing them properly :hmmm: Speaking of which, one thing that even TDU did right imo was integrating the map into the GPS screens of the cars, wouldn't mind seeing more of that in open world racers.
  5. This one for Chris, taken too soon :sad:
  6. Fair enough, I do agree with what you've said but still, if you were just looking at TC without comparing it to anything, and were told to tell the biggest flaws in it, it's not up there in my opinion :hmmm:
  7. Wouldn't say so, it could have been a lot more but it's an excellent game the way it is. Pretty much only real hate towards it has been because of the poor shape of the PC version that has apparently been fixed since :hmmm: Also joining the "never selling first car" -club :raisehand:
  8. Oh yeah, the interior view was completely unusable :lol:
  9. Oh man, you're up for a great Saturday :eek: I'm seeing them in July when they're coming to Finland for the first time :D Such a long wait though :(
  10. I agree with you on the sound aspect but still don't understand your point of view on the interiors as they were perfectly fine in most cars (excluding the circuit/raid spec cars) + they were largely customizable which is an aspect that's missing in many car games that we rank above TC. Just dug up the first interior shot I could find, this was taken on the Xbox :shrug:
  11. I feel like this has to do with the attention span of people getting shorter and shorter. People want it all and they want it now. And look where the game stands - it's the most praised Forza game ever :shrug:
  12. I'm kinda worried it means other means of transport as offroading already played a fairly big part in the first game :hmmm:
  13. Do you race on public servers, I assume the answer is yes because of all this action happening :panic:
  14. Great idea for a thread, I have something ready that I'm not yet allowed to post in here but if I happen to create anything that's eligible, I'll be sure to post it here :D
  15. Man, the brilliant assetto DLCs make me want to upgrade my wheel setup :crying:
  16. Glad we can all agree on the looks of that particular car :lol: Thanks for the positive comments :btup I promise to take a break from shooting Porsches after these :p
  17. We should totally organize a BM expedition in those arctic truck toyotas :D
  18. Yeah the handling was pretty bad and you ran out of content in 2 days (excluding the later patches). Still not the worst game I've ever played and I'm looking forward to this one with great interest :hmmm:
  19. Nice one D, never would have remembered that one :hmmm: Let's just hope that this time, if/when they do a sequel, the game will actually be better than the first one :p
  20. I've heard similar thoughts about Bill's show from other places too. Seems like I'll skip that :hmmm: I've already probably been to the cinema more this year than the past few combined. Last week I went to see Fast 8 and Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, loved both of them. On TV I've been hooked to the latest season of Doctor Who and I've also started watching the new season of Prison Break. Doctor Who is always great but I'm not sure about Prison Break yet, feels like it has a lot to live up to and it's not getting there, at least yet (only watched 1 episode of that so far).
  21. :bump: Porsche Nürburgring Norschleife Kimi Räikkönen Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas (one of the longest words in finnish, would roughly translate to airplane jet turbine engine assistant mechanic corporal student - which is a military air force rank) :p Would you look at that, the finnish word was so long that the forums actually cut it in case it was spam :lol:
  22. I said what I said for the reason above. If we want to talk during the gameplay we should use the xbox party feature as that'll allow everyone to join, regardless of the platform.
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