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  1. Jeez yeah, 17 years since you first registered here, time has flown! I hope you're well
  2. Excited for this to finally be released - hopefully it's as good as I'm hoping it will be. (Hi to any of the old guard from a decade ago who are still lurking).
  3. Very nice spec E92, and there are still a few of us lurking (albeit no one would recognise me, I can't for the life of me remember why my username is Microphone & not CarMadMike). I need to take some new pics of my current car, I've had a fair few different ones since I last posted here.
  4. I really enjoyed this season. However I'm not too sad to see the format end as we know, as the trio are still sticking together and are going to focus on what they do best.
  5. Wow Diablo, I knew you were old, but retirement?! :cheeky: I have to say a big thanks for everything you've done for this place and for me over the years Andy, this place became a refuge for many of us when either the offline world was getting too much or simply too boring. I know how much time, effort and money you've put into this place and I hope you enjoy having the weight of this place lifted off of your shoulders. Make sure to keep in touch!
  6. I agree with you Diablo, that Japan episode of TG was one of the best episodes in the history of TG I think. It struck the balance between car nerd / entertainment absolutely perfectly.
  7. No, I don't have much spare time at the moment.... is it worth me wasting what little time I have watching S02E01 or nah? :hmmm: I was hoping it would be good. Is it as good as bad TG? or as bad as bad TGT?
  8. Congratulations to Hammy on that 4th Championship, the start to this year's Driver's champ was good but ever since Singapore Vettel seemed to lose traction in the competition. Baku being a race he'll want to forget for the foreseeable future. Hoping Red Bull will be in a position to fight at the front next year, having Verstappen and Ricciardo in contention for the driver's title would be amazing. Will be interesting to see where McLaren end up in the grid too.
  9. Hey Piotr! Welcome to TDUCK :D :hiya:
  10. Good race, and I'm glad Max won it. Really good to see him have some good fortune after how crap this season has turned out to be for him. The Vettel/Stroll post-race incident was rather bizarre :hmmm: But I've been wondering for a while how we don't have more post-race bumps considering how no one seems to be watching where they're going.
  11. Happy Birthday loz! :birthday: And :lol: Very appropriate gif usage, D.
  12. Trailer is nothing too special, but i’m still looking forward to this game. It’s usually easier to see the graphics improvements between GTA games, the improvements over the original RDR aren’t that obvious just yet.
  13. I understand you might think others are being 'haters' and wanting to overly punish vettel for his behaviour, and you're probably right to some extent but you're also being too forgiving at the same time. Max, Kimi & Alonso are huge fan favourites, tens/hundreds of thousands of SGD will have been spent by spectators in the stands wanting to see them race. Vettel's aggression/ego got in the way of that and they won't be getting that money back. If this was an isolated incident then I'd be more willing to just drop it but it isn't, and it won't be the last incident because he got away with it. Labeling this as a racing incident sets a dangerous precedent.
  14. :lol: Oh dear. I'm not asking for either Ferrari driver to be whipped in public or banned from a race, but surely you've seen people get punished for much less? :fp: Causing a collision is enough for a punishment for any other team than Ferrari. The Ferraris caused that collision did they not? Max was an innocent dutchman in a Ferrari sandwich. You're the one bringing up haters and fanboys here, can you not see how hilarious that is given the situation? Vettel ended his own race, Max's race, Raikkonen's race & Alonso's race. But nah, racing incident isn't it. I can see why some would split the blame between Vettel and Kimi but splitting the blame does not mean they're innocent. If I were max or Alonso i'd be asking questions as to the credibility of the FIA and the rest of the sport at the moment tbh.
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