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  1. No BTCC 2017 thread?


    I missed the first race weekend of the season and was hoping to be at Donington today but that didn't happen so I'm making up for it by watching it on TV.


    F4 race stopped due to a horrific crash, just hope the young lad is okay. He went flat out into the back of and under a stopped/slow moving car. The worst part for viewers is the live TV feed showed him go under the car in front with the cars onboard camera. Not sure if he hit his head though.


    Other than that there has been some good racing and mega crashes so far this weekend with a few more hours to go with the rain on its way. Got to love how simple Donington is but it always manages to cook up some great entertainment.

  2. Good news on the radio comms rule being heavily lifted.


    Also thanks to Rosberg, double yellow flag situations will now result in a red flag in qualifying. Thanks Rosberg/moron stewards.


    And no more track limits? Drivers were being threatened with penalties for exceeding tracking limits in free practice 2. I thought it was called practice for a reason...

  3. Had a quick read about this at lunch earlier, but it was an article by the anti-Hamilton journalist on BBC Sport. 20kph slower is totally safe and like he's not moving. He was still doing about 100mph around the corner through double yellows when he did not know what was around the corner. But yea, totally safe.


    Like the smug face Hamilton has but poor Ricciardo for being dragged into it!


    16:55, not got a clue about that but it looks a bit dodgy! Maybe Rosberg was trying to wet Hamilton or just hit him in the nuts with a bottle... Very odd. :lol: Although afterwards Hamilton said he really needed the toilet so maybe he was trying to make him have an *ahem* moment.

  4. The Hungry (uh oh) GP will be getting under weigh (dun dun dunnnn) in about 60 minutes time.


    Will Red Bull be as strong as people are expecting and give the Mercs a run for there (OMG) money? Or will Nico and Lewis cause problems for one another, again?


    I'm not sure on the whether (someone find me a dictionary) forecast but I wouldn't mind a bit of rain in the race to spice things up again like last weekend at the British GP. :nuts:


    And after the whole debacle of Nicos yellow flagged pole lap standing yesterday and the farce of the 107% actually being investigated despite the 4 red flags and changing weather in Q1. What will the stewards cock up monumentally today?

  5. Rosberg getting very lucky there. Again.


    If Alsonso hadn't have spun, Hamilton would have more likely got pole because he was on the fastest lap by far. Oh well. He'll just have to do it the slightly harder way tomorrow but hopefully he gets a good start and gets to the first corner alongside Rosberg and pushes him a bit wide.

  6. Would be nice to see a proper come back from them taking cars back to their basic, raw form. Give us a proper animal that actually works without breaking down and will try to kill the fools behind the wheel.


    None of this fancy electronic torque braking traction slip reverse polarity nonsense all of the modern sports cars are filled with.

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