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  1. Having owned a fair few cars, some that are 'financial mistakes'...The good times out weigh the bad! Just be sure to make sure it wont cause actual financial problem! But a real engined, Alfa GT! I do envy you, the sound of them alone is epic!
  2. In the past year, according to steam i've put in 270 hours to playing Euro Truck Simulartion... I blame friends having ETS2 and th multiplayer mod TruckersMP. The worst part of it is the fact i fix truck and trailers for a damm living! So 75% of the stuff in game I get to do for a living... But hey, the banter with friends is worth it!
  3. More modern photo of me... Okay I've not really changed, the hair grows and gets cut but I still lust for some Yankee V8...
  4. Oddly the best thing of interest this year would have been a Lister LTF-666... In recant years local events haven't been what they used to be, with GT Scotland being much, much more quiet than they were and the local circuit being much the same. As well as weather being rather Sh.. To me saying a 'modern' was the most exciting car I've seen this year is actually odd! Considering how in past years 918's, P1's or a 911 GT1, F50 or Enzo was a 'normal' thing for up north. This has been...meh, even for me! (And i'll get excited over a base spec Rover 100!)
  5. Bit of a 7 month bump but.. Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior... Only found out abut GuP last year thanks to the other half, being a fan of WW2 stuff as it is...GuP was right up my street. Seems the manga related stuff is just as good as the anime! Ive read all the other GuP mangas too, all great!
  6. Smoking, by Boston! Some proper ol rock!
  7. Long time no post from me too... what to say? I'm alive, Ive made changes to my 'fleet' of cars... I've used my Abarth little to none this year, I sold the E36 I had as well (its in good hands...long term members here can maybe guess who has it!) , I still have the Minor and since then I've had two major changes... I had a 2.0 Golf '3.5' 2.0 Convertible as well as a Astra G estate... The golf was a great lil summer machine... The Astra is a proper mile muncher being the 1.7 DTi... In the 3 months Ive had it its done little over 4,000 miles (Its less than 500 milea from 200k as of now!)
  8. Massive Bump! I've been and seen a fair bit since I lost posted here. So my highlights from 2018 are... Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991) - Seen in Aberdeen, 2018 This is one of 2 that I know are local to the Aberdeen area. The other is a red one which regularly gets used at trackdays! 9Still to get a good photo of it!) Bugatti Veyron WRC - Seen in Aberdeen, 2018 This one rarely comes out! Seen it twice in 3 years! McLaren Senna - Seen at Knockhill Racing Circuit, 2018 This one is kinda cheating, since McLaren Glasgow had a stall at Knockhill. Behind it you can see a 600LT as well. A favorite spot of mine from last year is this duo... DBS drop top and pre-facelift Rapid! Owners of both were more than happy to chat and show me about the cars. I did spend a good bit of time in Washington & Oregon states of the US last year, this being a personal favorite of mine... Place down the road from our accommodation when I was over in October! Mix of mostly older, but that Caddy XLR!
  9. Dark theme for me, but that's probably because I'm used to the dark theme here!
  10. The Morris Minor is consider THE 50's car of Britain, everyone over a certain age seems to have had one of have good memory's of one. I used it every opportunity I could last summer, nipping to the ships? Excuse to drive. Local car show? Excuse for a drive - With Nick1999's A6, I don't doubt its highly modded and i bet its a rocket on the roads! Where I am chipping and modding anything German is all the rage. Silly power can be gained from just plugging in a laptop, let alone throwing parts at it. Ages doesn't play much of a part in it either...One friend is running a highly modded B7 RS4 with no problems, yet another has a Mk1 Fabia VRS and yet its problem after problem.
  11. Last Summer I got.... A "57 Morris Minor. Its a running resto, barrels a barrel of laughs and no matter where you go it gets smiles, waves and randoms coming up for a chat about it. Also my first post here in a long time. :)
  12. I've been part of the E36 clan since August 2016. [ATTACH]30832[/ATTACH] My 316i, full base spec. ;) 1.6 4-pot, 100hp(When new) 5-Spd manual, cloth seats, un-painted bumpers from factory and in Arctic White. A slow resto project, but been to a few local classic shows with me last year.
  13. Only remembered the other week that the Porsche 935 'Moby D' was added as DLC... Honestly love them.
  14. Not mine but... [ATTACH]30820[/ATTACH] Another E36 has ended up in my life. I've been doing a fair bit of maintenance on it as well as letting it sin in my drive. Its a 320i, auto. It cost the owner, an ex-member here (Well, not been on in yonks) the best part of...well nothing. And it had MOT, which the worst thing it failed on was the rear shock abosrbers being excessively worn. Not bad! I do have to say, I really do like the E36 chassis. The 316 is a great thing, and having 6-pot power just makes it even better! The auto-box doesn't even hamper it as we expected! Whod have though I'd be saying that... ;)
  15. I saw the 2018 TVR Griffith at the NEC 2 weeks ago... [ATTACH]30502[/ATTACH] After 10 years of the brand being in automotive purgatory, it was as if i'd seen the resurrection of Christ when I saw it in person. I genuinely held back a tear. Its bloody fantastic. :cool: Of course, the NEC Classic motor show is packed with all sorts, from Muiras to Metros. Im sure I've spammed plenty of photos over the years from the event, its always worth the yearly 900 mile round pilgrimage for it!
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