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  1. I disappear for a few months, completely forgot about TDU:SC and then was somewhat disappointed when I seen there's been no news on it what so ever. Shame. Hopeful we hear something this year.
  2. Oh, old-new faces! Good to see - Seeing how it's had a 5 year plan so far leaves me with hope, also means less of a wait I'm sure. Can't wait for some more info to come out.
  3. The checklist you've got there @Ryzza5 is spot on for myslef! If it was't for TDU aiming for "The High life" idea, you'd be limitless on locations! I mean take the Isle of Man here in the UK, it's got good roads and a lot of wealth (Not a Tax dodge....) as well as nice scenery. But its hardly a sunny paradise!
  4. Okinawa would actually be pretty sweet. Size wise, it's smaller than O'ahu but bigger than Ibiza. It would also bring a good mix of urban and nature. It's truly an amazing peace of paradise. Kyushu would be great also, but it's a damm big island! Sadly though I don't think it would work with the whole TDU vibe myself as it doesn't have the pull or amour that Hawaii or Ibiza has. In the same way if I'm thinking of good driving roads, nice scenery, vibrant city life and 'The Highlife'...the French Riviera comes to mind rather than The Highlands of Scotland. For now All we can
  5. Despite having 5 cars on the drive It's not as impressive as you'd think 2000 Lexus LS400 - 280hp 2015 Abarth 595 - 140hp 2000 VW Golf 2.0 Convertible - 114hp 2003 Astra estate 1.7Cdti - 78hp 1957 Morris Minor - 48bhp A total of 660hp... Now if we limited it to ones that I actually have taxed and on the road...
  6. To bump this back, I offer something simple... Bliss!
  7. 1:1 scale, I mean I'm going to use good ol O'ahu for reasons we all know and love. According to google, the landlass of the island is 1,545km squared. Why do I point this out? Well the game Fuel, had a map size 14,400Km squared, or 'About the size of the US state of Connecticut', although that map was rather barren but the size was done back on PS3/360 gen. So I'd guess current and next gen could handle 1:1 of O'ahu. That said, Ibiza is only 571Km squared. Or for a bigger island, lets use the French island of Corsica in the Mediterranean, which is bigger than O'ahu with a landmass of 8,722Km
  8. Your not the only one...the PTSD from following the TDU2 Hype train still lingers in my mind.
  9. HypeHyp Hype The TDU2 Facebook page, not been updated since 2013 has just added a photo, updated profile pic and a video... Video is nothing, but the fact stuff has been changed on the TDU2 FB page(no doubt a name change is coming) and now posting after so long is something. Going by the logo I'd guess Solar Crown is a top choice for the name.
  10. As long as we don't end up with TDU2's "we have 100 cars in game, but about 25% of them are special editions of cars in game, and another 7% are the more extreme model of cars we have". Y'all know what cars im talking about. A good balance would be nice, which I think TDU pulled off. Current crop of Hyper and Super cars, mixed with the current crop of sports. Dab in saloons, and a nice layover of classics from exotic to muscle. Oh, and a few oddballs and concepts!
  11. Guess we'll just have to keep our eye and ears peeled for info. Ah this takes me back to about 10 years ago when news of TDU2 was coming about! I'm sure like most of us I'd be happy if they redid O'ahu for a location, or Ibiza again. An sunny island, nice roads, good mix of cars and good handling would be top of the list. Oh and don't forget being able to pick your interior spec! Having the choices of carbon or aluminium trim in alot of cars was oddly a joy for me! (Aluminium being the choice for me)
  12. I was reading on GT-Planet just the other day that people who made the past few WRC games, as well as the Isle of Man TT and a few others are working on it. Reading that Reddit post I'm interested. Hope if it does happen, it manages to re-capture some of the magic of the first game!
  13. Having owned a fair few cars, some that are 'financial mistakes'...The good times out weigh the bad! Just be sure to make sure it wont cause actual financial problem! But a real engined, Alfa GT! I do envy you, the sound of them alone is epic!
  14. In the past year, according to steam i've put in 270 hours to playing Euro Truck Simulartion... I blame friends having ETS2 and th multiplayer mod TruckersMP. The worst part of it is the fact i fix truck and trailers for a damm living! So 75% of the stuff in game I get to do for a living... But hey, the banter with friends is worth it!
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