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    Ryzza5 got a reaction from Djey for a calendar event, Last chance to buy Forza Horizon 3 digital editions / DLC   
    The game will still be playable but will be de-listed from the Microsoft Store.  Physical copies of the game may be available but do not include much in the way of DLC.
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    Ryzza5 got a reaction from Eudemon for a calendar event, FREE WEEKEND Gameplay for The Crew 2   
    To celebrate the release of The Crew 2 Hot Shots update, we are thrilled to invite all motorsport fans to discover The Crew 2 for free this weekend! From April 25th to 28th, enjoy the full Motornation experience and get behind the wheel of an extensive selection of exclusive, extensively customisable vehicles all across the USA.

    When can I play?
    You can access the Free Weekend at the following times:
                Paris Moscow      Sydney Preload - 23rd April     6 pm CEST 7 pm MSK      2 am AEDT Server Opens - 25th April     9 am CEST 10 am MSK      5 pm AEDT Server Closes - 29th April     2 am CEST      3 am MSK      10 am AEDT         STEAM
            Paris Moscow      Sydney Server Opens - 25th April 6 pm CEST 7 pm MSK        2 am AEDT Server Closes - 28th April           9 pm CEST 10 pm MSK      5 am AEDT         PS4
            Paris Moscow       Sydney Server Opens - 25th April 9 am CEST 10 am MSK       5 pm AEDT Server Closes - 29th April 2 am CEST 3 am MSK       10 am AEDT         XBOX ONE
            Paris Moscow       Sydney Server Opens - 25th April 9 am CEST 10 am MSK       5 pm AEDT Server Closes - 29th April 9 am CEST 10 am MSK       5 pm AEDT

    Do I need Xbox Live Gold or PS+ to participate?
    Please note that depending on your platform and region, some restrictions may apply to participate in the The Crew 2 Free Weekend, see below for more information.
    Xbox One
    An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to download and participate.

    A PS+ subscription is not required to download and participate in the Free Weekend. Non-PS+ players will not have access to the game’s multiplayer features, such as Crew (group) functionalities or PvP. 
    Can I preload the game?
    No preload is necessary on Xbox One, PS4 or Steam. You can directly download and play the game as soon as the Free Weekend starts on your platform.

    For Uplay PC, a preload will be available at 4 pm UTC on April 23.

    Please see the release table above for exact times per platform

    What content is available during this free weekend?
    During this Free Weekend, you will have access to the full The Crew 2 experience! The entire map is available to explore and you will be able to test your skills on all events with the full catalog of vehicles

    What is new since release? And since the last free weekend?
    If you had the opportunity to play The Crew 2 during a previous test phase or our December free-weekend, you will be able to discover the full range of new content, features and improvements introduced through our various title updates, including our brand new The Crew 2 Hot Shots experience! Please note that if you played the game during our last Free Weekend, your progression will be carried over to this latest version.

    Can I play with my friends during the free weekend?
    Absolutely. You can play with anyone who already owns the game, or who is enjoying the Free Weekend just like you!

    I really like the game and I would like to buy it! Are there any offers available?
    If you like the game and want to keep playing after the Free Weekend period is over, you can acquire the game at a special discounted price on your favourite store or for a DISCOUNTED PRICE.

    Will my progress from the free weekend carry on if I purchase the full game?
    All of your progress and vehicles will carry over if you decide to upgrade to the full game.

    What about my earned - or bought - crew credits?
    Any unused Crew Credits will remain on your account. You'll be able to access them if you upgrade to the full version of the game.

    What languages are supported in the The Crew 2 - free weekend?
    The Crew 2 - Free Weekend will include all languages supported by the full game.
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