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  1. Are you on the Discord server? - could ask there. Also, ping me on Steam next time.
  2. Long time no see bro, thanks for the update. How has everything been going?
  3. TDU1's physics certainly are not amazing, especially if playing today after enjoying new games like Gran Turismo, Forza, Project CARS or Assetto Corsa. At its peak though (around 2009) a lot of our forum members were playing TDU1 in Hardcore mode with our shiny new Logitech G25 steering wheels (SOOAG25, anyone? ) While the Hardcore mode included the weird Moon Gravity (which at least allowed us entry into some restricted areas such as the airports), it felt pretty good in terms of dumping the clutch in a supercar and doing long burnouts, or in forcing us to slow down more for corners to try to nail some sweet drifts which were challenging but so much more rewarding than 'Brake 2 Drift' in Need for Speed. Sadly none of that carried over to TDU2, which was a real shame because at times the new dev team seemed interested in trying to give us wheel users a better experience. But if someone had only ever played both games with a gamepad then they might find both games physics a bit wonky for different reasons and prefer TDU2 simply for the extra roads and features, which is perfectly reasonable.
  4. Would you say that the longer time between playing the game is perhaps related to disconnecting a controller (gamepad/wheel) when not playing games? Do you have any anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-ransomware software that could be having an impact on your Documents\TDU folder?
  5. I know how to make everything except the head and arms invisible... perhaps you can research from there...
  6. Wondering what exactly? There were some unused cars and other assets like car washes with cutscenes.
  7. That's a very interesting observation, one that I've never noticed or seen posted here before. I guess most of us were only these lower ranks for a relatively short time and were driving slower cars anyway. But then a 60% limit of a Class E car that already has a lower top speed would surely be noticeable by many players... Are you able to put a video together showing this effect?
  8. CSL and CSR were different lines I think. Mine wasn't mentioned at all. I thought it would be more popular at the time because it supported PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 so I could use it with both Gran Turismo and Forza. I was able to get it working with PS4 as well. That said since I moved house 2+ years ago it hasn't come out of its box and I've done all my driving with a Xbox One gamepad.
  9. @SAS MONTANA Welcome https://discord.gg/KcF9CZU
  10. Which older games did you enjoy, perhaps that will help us suggest other ones to try.
  11. Hi Andrew. I'm not aware of such a mod or patch existing for TDU2 at this time.
  12. Just a quick reminder that now is the last chance to purchase DriveClub on PSN as it will no longer be sold after 31 August 2020. If you already own the game you can continue to reinstall and play it as much as you like, although multiplayer will be unavailable from March 2020. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA00093_00-B000000000000968
  13. Keep in mind too that Internet routers have components similar to your PC - i.e. they have a processor, RAM, storage, etc. Some old or cheap routers may not have enough processing power for example to handle multiplayer gaming well enough - especially racing games. Non-driving multiplayer games where you move a lot slower may not reveal this inadequacy as much. Many games often predict where players will be as well to avoid lag as well - some games do this better than others. Consider if you are driving at 300 KP/H (180mph) with 5 other player cars nearby. You are all moving so fast across the game world and so you need to send and receive positional updates so often and so quickly between yourselves to avoid lagging. Some routers (especially ones given to you by your Internet Service Provider) just can't handle this workload and were only designed for basic web surfing. If you were instead to invest in a 'gaming router' that supports your Internet connection you may notice a dramatic improvement in your online experience for this and other driving games.
  14. bruh are you talking to yourself or account sharing? And please don't Report forum staff to us. We are not going to help anyone play games without paying for them on these forums.
  15. Thread moved to TDU1 Mod Request (Vehicles)
  16. We all wanted TDU2 to be great, and it did add new areas to explore and other interesting features, but with a flawed foundation (weird vehicle physics and handling) it just wasn't possible to enjoy driving in the game (particularly with a steering wheel) as much as as TDU1. TDU1 wasn't perfect either, but at least there was a sense of limited grip which allowed you to do burnouts or control slides to some extent (in hardcore mode). Driving a car in TDU2 felt numb and boring in comparison. You can play The Crew (2) as a good replacement for TDU2. Nothing really has replaced the vibe of just cruising with friends on a tropical island that TDU1 gave us. Forza Horizon never really captured that vibe either with so much focus on ultra-fast tuned cars that point+shoot between corners rather than enjoying the bends themselves. Maybe the upcoming TDU3 will serve us well here.
  17. Congrats Iceman I've only just noticed how relatively massive the flowers/bushes are behind the van
  18. Nice to see you again Milli lol.
  19. For the next two weeks, head over to the Microsoft Store and you'll find 50% off the Ultimate Edition of Forza Horizon 4. Purchasing the game digitally from the Microsoft Store allows you to play the game both on Xbox 1 and a Windows 10 PC. Cross-play is enabled for both platforms, although Xbox 1 owners need LIVE Gold for online multiplayer while PC (Master Race) players do not. The Ultimate Edition includes free DLC car packs, some free in-game houses (saving millions of in-game currency), 2 expansion packs (Fortune Island w/ crazy weather and Lego Masters which reviewed less favourably). You may also win more money for races with the included VIP bonus. A new Top Gear themed update recently was added for free for all versions of the game, so if you're interested now is the perfect time to grab the game, especially as there are no new Forza games due for release this year - a first for a long time. Forza Motorsport 7 development recently ceased with primary focus now shifted to its successor.
  20. For some reason I listened to a couple of musicians trying to come up with and record an album of 10 songs in 10 hours with no preparation. Some laughing ensued.
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