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  1. CSL and CSR were different lines I think. Mine wasn't mentioned at all. I thought it would be more popular at the time because it supported PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 so I could use it with both Gran Turismo and Forza. I was able to get it working with PS4 as well. That said since I moved house 2+ years ago it hasn't come out of its box and I've done all my driving with a Xbox One gamepad.
  2. @SAS MONTANA Welcome https://discord.gg/KcF9CZU
  3. Which older games did you enjoy, perhaps that will help us suggest other ones to try.
  4. Hi Andrew. I'm not aware of such a mod or patch existing for TDU2 at this time.
  5. Just a quick reminder that now is the last chance to purchase DriveClub on PSN as it will no longer be sold after 31 August 2020. If you already own the game you can continue to reinstall and play it as much as you like, although multiplayer will be unavailable from March 2020. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA00093_00-B000000000000968
  6. Keep in mind too that Internet routers have components similar to your PC - i.e. they have a processor, RAM, storage, etc. Some old or cheap routers may not have enough processing power for example to handle multiplayer gaming well enough - especially racing games. Non-driving multiplayer games where you move a lot slower may not reveal this inadequacy as much. Many games often predict where players will be as well to avoid lag as well - some games do this better than others. Consider if you are driving at 300 KP/H (180mph) with 5 other player cars nearby. You are all moving so fast across the game world and so you need to send and receive positional updates so often and so quickly between yourselves to avoid lagging. Some routers (especially ones given to you by your Internet Service Provider) just can't handle this workload and were only designed for basic web surfing. If you were instead to invest in a 'gaming router' that supports your Internet connection you may notice a dramatic improvement in your online experience for this and other driving games.
  7. bruh are you talking to yourself or account sharing? And please don't Report forum staff to us. We are not going to help anyone play games without paying for them on these forums.
  8. Thread moved to TDU1 Mod Request (Vehicles)
  9. We all wanted TDU2 to be great, and it did add new areas to explore and other interesting features, but with a flawed foundation (weird vehicle physics and handling) it just wasn't possible to enjoy driving in the game (particularly with a steering wheel) as much as as TDU1. TDU1 wasn't perfect either, but at least there was a sense of limited grip which allowed you to do burnouts or control slides to some extent (in hardcore mode). Driving a car in TDU2 felt numb and boring in comparison. You can play The Crew (2) as a good replacement for TDU2. Nothing really has replaced the vibe of just cruising with friends on a tropical island that TDU1 gave us. Forza Horizon never really captured that vibe either with so much focus on ultra-fast tuned cars that point+shoot between corners rather than enjoying the bends themselves. Maybe the upcoming TDU3 will serve us well here.
  10. Congrats Iceman I've only just noticed how relatively massive the flowers/bushes are behind the van
  11. Nice to see you again Milli lol.
  12. For the next two weeks, head over to the Microsoft Store and you'll find 50% off the Ultimate Edition of Forza Horizon 4. Purchasing the game digitally from the Microsoft Store allows you to play the game both on Xbox 1 and a Windows 10 PC. Cross-play is enabled for both platforms, although Xbox 1 owners need LIVE Gold for online multiplayer while PC (Master Race) players do not. The Ultimate Edition includes free DLC car packs, some free in-game houses (saving millions of in-game currency), 2 expansion packs (Fortune Island w/ crazy weather and Lego Masters which reviewed less favourably). You may also win more money for races with the included VIP bonus. A new Top Gear themed update recently was added for free for all versions of the game, so if you're interested now is the perfect time to grab the game, especially as there are no new Forza games due for release this year - a first for a long time. Forza Motorsport 7 development recently ceased with primary focus now shifted to its successor.
  13. The complete incomplete car list?
  14. For some reason I listened to a couple of musicians trying to come up with and record an album of 10 songs in 10 hours with no preparation. Some laughing ensued.
  15. I meant if I'm driving around and come across the signal I will then switch to the chopper, find it, then switch back to a car/boat before opening the loot.
  16. For lootboxes I often like to fast-switch to my Helicopter and go looking for them, and treat it a bit like a MS Flight Sim search and rescue mini-game.
  17. I'm pretty sure you can access bike dealerships long before discovering all car dealerships. It just depends on which dealers you discover first. I don't think there is any notification in-game to say when you have discovered every dealership either.
  18. Latest CTR video from E3 reveals more new characters and brand new tracks.
  19. I have preordered the base game on PS4, so I plan to be playing on Day 1 or at least that weekend. I didn't preorder the Nitrous Oxide edition because (1) it seemed too expensive for the vague additional content, and (2) most of that content should be unlockable by completing most of the Adventure mode in the game (which I plan to). I also purchased an additional DS4 controller so that hopefully my wife will have a go playing with me. I may also have my younger bro and his wife over for some 4-player split screen multiplayer.
  20. 2012 was an interesting year. Some wondered if it would be the last year, and of course a movie had to develop that plotline further. Perhaps worse than that, the official online servers for Test Drive Unlimited 1 were shut down, which made us all feel very sad. Not long later we had the release of the first open world Forza title for XBOX 360 which took us to a version of Colorado which strangely lacked Pikes Peak. It was a good game, and the start of a good series to fill in the void left by TDU, but it just wasn't the same. At least it still provided a few laughs. But that wasn't all. In March of 2012 we were treated to a new flight 'simulator' from Microsoft, which conveniently for us, featured Hawaii of all places. It was a freemium game with DLC planes, locations and challenges. A number of us do like to fly on PC on occasion. If you don't count the re-release of a 64-bit version of Flight Simulator X Acceleration on Steam in 2014, then the 2012 release of Microsoft Flight was our last flying update from Microsoft in 7 years. So imagine our delight when Microsoft surprises us with a gorgeous trailer showing us a new version of the simulator due to land (pun intended) sometime in 2020. Take a look for yourself here: The trailer doesn't tell us a great deal of details about the upcoming sim, but the amazing detail of the world (without having to purchase and install a hundred add-ons) in stunning 4K definitely has our attention here at TurboDuck. We'll be sure to make a beeline for O'ahu as soon as we can. Here's what we can deduce from the trailer and it's description: * Available on Xbox and Windows PC (so it should attract casual fliers) * Powered by satellite data and MS Azure AI Cloud computing * Amazing volumetric clouds which cast realistic shadows on the ground * SNOW * Bodies of water are not a singular colour, and cities have High Def textures out of the box * FOG * Delicious reflections on aircraft and detailed airport vehicle and building textures with shadows * A variety of light and stunt aircraft as well as jumbo jets, including the cover-plane from Microsoft Flight from Icon * Beautiful sunsets accompany expected time-of-day and weather settings * High-detailed 3D cockpits with the ability to turn your head, bank your aircraft and admire the view below * Many real-world scenic attractions to visit including what appears to be New York, Dubai, Alcatraz, Egypt, San Francisco, along with coral reefs, mountains, canyons, craters, stadiums, and more * Lighting and rain effects * Hundreds of vehicles on the roads and in the carparks below * Wildlife including flamingos, elephants, and giraffes * Multiplayer * Challenging Alpine landing strips Want to come fly with me? Let's fly, let's fly away to the Comments section below to discuss one of Microsoft's oldest slogan questions:
  21. In your game controller options, do you have an option called something like "Hold for gear" selected? Tick this for H shifters, untick for sequential (up/down) shifters including paddles.
  22. Is this an article or a free advertisement? lol
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