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  1. No wories, I wasn't sure if you were referring to an external way of increasing the value of something before selling it back.
  2. Money cheats should only be used for offline profiles. Servers have cheat detection and you risk being banned.
  3. Mod note - user was replying to posts and inserting spam links in the quotes to avoid detection.

    1. They have caused the community server to crash in the past, meaning no-one can play until the server owner restarts it.
    2. Ryzza5

      TDU Solar Crown

      Repository of artwork and screeshots for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, due for release in 2023.
    3. This will be because you enabled 'Report Combined Pedals' to solve another problem in your other thread. When the pedals are combined, they share one axis. It is therefore impossible to accelerate and brake, just like it is impossible to steer left and right at the same time.
    4. Real life car accelerator/brake pedals are not exactly linear either. Have you considered looking for pedal mods (custom springs, dampeners) that you can purchase to improve the feel? You can press Ctrl+G in game (may require Hardcore mode) to show an overlay of inputs to verify if you have any deadzone or sensitivity issues. You can also try recalibrating the controls in Windows or remap them in game, being sure you push down all the way.
    5. Ryzza5

      TDUSC Ford GT40

      From the album: TDU Solar Crown

    6. Ryzza5

      TDUSC Workshop

      From the album: TDU Solar Crown

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