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    Hey Beav Diablo shut that forum down after a period of inactivity, probably due to the costs.
  2. The only thing I can think of is to ask if you're 110% sure you're patching the correct exe and not an old one that isn't being used? Does it happen if you drive other cars? Or maybe it's hinting that you go to bed?
  3. I don't think you need to modify any config files. You can remap menu controls in the game.
  4. You may have success checking the pinned comments or asking in the TDU World Discord: https://discord.gg/WHF9UbkERj
  5. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=test+drive+unlimited+pc&_sacat=0
  6. Locking this thread as it appears to be attracting spambots.
  7. English only. Please use a translator.  Thanks.

    1. No sound when looking backwards could be an issue with surround sound configuration - i.e. the sound is playing to rear speakers and you don't have any perhaps.
    2. Posts should be made in English only.  Please use a translator.  Thanks.

      1. If you want to try Platinum weather, install is last. Or if you prefer Bliss, install that last (or carefully select just a few files from Bliss to place over Platinum). It is recommended to keep backups of your files in case you make a mistake or want to revert.
      2. Everyone was too busy making Together We Wait memes on Discord
      3. It was very good for the time, and certainly better than TDU2. I can't speak for cars with modded physics, but I think AC and pCARS are on another level thanks to release half a decade later. TDU1 Hardcore mode suffers from 'moon gravity' when you go flying over crests, and I find it works better dialling the wheel rotation down from 900 to say 540 or lower. But I do love how doing burnouts feels in this game, especially with a wheel and H shifter with clutch pedal. Learning to drift around the island with others is also great fun. Making up game modes to play with friends is also a big plus.
      4. Nice looking model and scene there. I'm a bit confused at what I'm seeing in the first image through the windscreen, it's like the car door is missing...
      5. I have the XL. I don't use it for gaming inputs. I don't think you'd want to be looking at it while racing to make sure you pressing the right button. Button-boxes designed for racing would use different button shapes/styles/positions so that you can feel for the right one without looking. The mini StreamDeck might not be so bad since each button is closer to an edge or corner that you might be able to memorise.
      6. Ryzza5

        Duelling Ferrari's

        Try this mod: Back up your files before installing in case it's not 100% compatible with TDU Platinum.
      7. Always good see an OG member return. Funny how we forget to post stuff here because of the chatbox (Discord) lol. Agree with everything Who says, but I thought they were concept art and not exact screenshots. I remain curious and optimistic but have doubts if the location will hold my attention for as long as O'ahu did. I'm already getting bored of Mexico, and before Alex mentions density, I don't think replacing half of the FH5 map with more of the Guanajuato city would be an improvement. The flip side of course is that this could be the unofficial NFS Underground 2 reimagination we didn't know we needed. There is also speculation floating around that we might start to hear of The Crew 3 next year.
      8. We checked with the author of the mod you uploaded and they requested we delete it, which we have done.

        1. Ryzza5

          Test Drive Unlimited

          Got screenshots from the best driving game ever?* Here's the place to share and view them. * According to us, of course
        2. Use the exe that comes with Platinum mod - use the '4gb patch' version to avoid crashing issues. You can't use the OG DVD exe because it used SecuROM DRM which is blocked in Windows 10 and above.
        3. Ryzza5

          New York Auto Show 2022

          Nice pics. Shame about the animated GIF distracting me from them
        4. @xXBeefyDjXx posted the following update on the TDUW Discord:
        5. Ah ok. I think it would be best if you head over to the TDU World Discord server and ask in the troubleshooting section. @xXBeefyDjXxmanages the server and has the ability to check your account directly.
        6. I think you have to type your email address in the game matching the one used in TDUW.
        7. You do not need a Gamespy account (the service no longer exists), but you will create a fake one in-game when setting up your profile. If it fails to connect, try again while using any public VPN.
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