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  1. Scroll through this guide and see if this helps:
  2. I'm sure many luxury cars there are imports so could still be RHD.
  3. It's on the to-do list but my understanding is there are a few unsolved bugs and some other priorities ahead of the casino so we'll need to wait a while.
  4. Yes, it reminds me of the factions added to The Crew. Everyone began as Wolves by default so it it stayed very unbalanced.
  5. I'm starting to think it will expand beyond the island. Alain always loved to drip-feed and tease out new content one morsel at a time. In either case, I'm still concerned at a lack of good cruise routes/roads for a bunch of supercars if it is a faithful 1:1 recreation. So far I've seen a bunch of narrow bumpy slow-speed roads in the cities, some highways/bridges/tunnels, and a handful of mountain pass roads of varying quality. But can we we string them together to make some awesome cruise routes without getting bored or lost? We'll have to wait and see.
  6. I'll pretend I'm old and sophisticated lol and be in the more exclusive group (since Streets is far more popular so far), unless of course there is an in-game benefit to one group over the other, then I may switch.
  7. Hi JagHond That certainly would be frustrating. I wonder if there is an issue with your browser or it's cookies. I assume you are not using Incognito/In Private mode each time you log in, as that would definitely cause the issue. As a test, do you have another browser installed for which you can try logging into turboduck.net and seeing if it remembers you on your next visit? This would confirm if there is a problem with your main web browser. If you are using Google Chrome, you might be able to try Microsoft Edge. Another newly popular browser is called Brave.
  8. I was thinking someone should make a TDU map mod that removes everything besides Waikiki and Tantalus and becomes about the same area size as Hong Kong Island.
  9. Looks nice. Funny how the snow is everywhere except the top of the mountains. Where I live it's the opposite.
  10. https://www.testdriveunlimited.gg/en-GB
  11. It seems we were too disappointed to post it here lol
  12. Yes we are expecting to see part 2 of the CGI trailer where the race continues outside the car park (in a docklands environment). Perhaps a few other scenes such as the casino and island may be interspersed briefly but I'm not expecting much this far out from release. Hopefully we'll hear more from Alain directly in another interview.
  13. Ah ok, I'll wait and see if others here have suggestions for you.
  14. https://turboduck.net/files/file/413-4gb-patcher-for-older-games-that-require-more-than-2gb-of-ram-and-crash-to-desktop/
  15. ... i.e. create a folder path like C:\Games\ and install your games in there.
  16. Great to have you here. Hardcore mode still unlocks when you reach reach 'Champion' level (around 45% completion). There are mods available that let you partake in single-player races in Hardcore mode, something not originally possible in game.
  17. Old experiment proving the above point. Attempting to wear motorcycle gear in a car to look like The Stig.
  18. lol sorry on the name screw-up. I'm just glad you corrected me instead of letting me think I was correct. So who the heck was Dan then? Anyway, yeah I put that same TDU1 trailer up in our Discord before the premiere and drew the connection too. Reminds us not to be too impatient and take it too seriously. Funny how Eden kept those CGI trailers on the in-game TVs despite the missing rain features shown. I have a feeling TDU SC is more about what Alain wanted to achieve in TDU2 but couldn't due to Atari and/or limited money to spend.
  19. I was thinking the same thing (TDU1 on PSP). Also I had no idea you were involved in game development, Dan! I purchased that game last year and enjoyed it. The number plates could well be encoded. Is 0222 pointing to a Feb '22 release window and N simply stands for Nacon? Or does N stand for North and the E on the Range Rover stand for East, with numbers being global coordinates, which keeps leading me back to Hong Kong. Not the greatest driving area perhaps, but it sure does fit in with the rich vibes of the trailer. 22 isn't 222, but there is no 222 north/south coordinate. But for now my belief is the Aston plate relates to the release window.
  20. I was rather hoping the video would be longer than the 2-minute countdown haha. Speculation and discussion about the trailer continued here.
  21. TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED SOLAR CROWN NEWS // 21 April 2021 KT Racing + Nacon have provided their second glimpse at the highly-anticipated third installment in the Test Drive Unlimited series. The brief trailer teases the lifestyle players can expect to experience: Why send a message to a Solar Crown competitors' smart-watch when you can leave a conspicuous-looking envelope on the dresser? Somebody better start a car list thread... Have you ever seen such high quality car key fobs in a racing game before? Indicators present and accounted for. Dat Ass... ton Martin. Is this a hint at the quality of in-game characters and level of customisation available? Might this person be 'feeling in top form'? The casino will be a welcome return for many players. You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run... You never count your car keys while you're sitting at the table, there'll be time enough for countin' when the dealing's done. Could this be the exit ramp of a giant yacht? With a casino on said yacht? The next chapter (presumably another video trailer) is expected 3 months from now in July 2021. Don't be shy, what do you think of this trailer? What hints have we missed speculating about?
  22. ... and it just dropped. Nice looking car keys.
  23. I'm guessing Nacon may have an anniversary event one year after their previous TDU SC reveal where we might get another morsel of information. If we're lucky we might even get a rough idea when they're planning to release (I'd expect to first hear a release season or month rather than a release date). I'm personally not expecting the game to release any earlier than November 2021 with the expectation of being able to play sometime in 2022.
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