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  1. I've been playing it each week. But you sound like an AI.
  2. On some routers there is a separate screen where you first create a custom service for each game or port number. Then in the firewall you can select that service (game) and link it to your gaming PC's IP address. Best you find a YouTube tutorial to explain it in more detail.
  3. Just cruising for now, but who knows what we'll get to play with in the future. There are some very talented people out there.
  4. Ryzza5

    TDU Solar Crown

    Repository of artwork and screeshots for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, due for release in early 2024.
  5. Nicely done. Consider adding this to the Downloads area of the website before it gets lost on Page 127 here.
  6. Please check how old the last post is on a thread or download before replying.  If it's a long time ago it's spammy to reply unless there's something really important to add.  Some of your recent replies have been to 10 year old threads.

    1. W2SteveCartthy-BR


      Claro, eles foram postados este ano. HAHAHAHA
      Hoje tive tempo de ver essas mensagens.
      Em verdade! Eu realmente queria ver um Koenigsegg Gemera no TDU1. Isso também seria um sonho tornado realidade! HAHAHAHA. Mas entendo que TODOS temos uma vida diferente de quando o TDU foi lançado. Tivemos que seguir o ritmo dos tempos! Isso custa!!!

  7. I see you found the Blur slider
  8. Like this community website dedicated to TDU and Platinum? Silly AI.
  9. And here I was thinking that AI were capable of counting beyond 1. /smh
  10. Yeah it's a valid point and I was thinking something similar recently with driving games where the time will come when older vehicle with fewer aids and less weight will be more desirable than their modern counterparts for those looking for a sim or hardcore experience.
  11. So a quick search online how to use the windows volume mixer to adjust each app volume independently. Or use the in game audio settings to turn down the game volume relative to the mod.
  12. I know right, there were too many funny random name changes at one point and now it's hard to remember who's Who and who's everyone else... anyway fixed yours up now.
  13. Nice to see you again. Congrats on the upgrade. We're a bit more active on Discord (Chatbox 3.0) if you want to say hi.
  14. Are you trying to log into TDU World with your turboduck account? You should have/create a separate TDU World account.
  15. I recorded a little solo cruise around the island. It seems to be between half to a third of the sizze of TDU's map based on time to drive around at a relaxed pace.
  16. Each player is responsible for sourcing their own serial number for the game.
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