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  1. Yeah it's easy to forget how much of a pain controllers were prior to the X360 gamepad being widely adopted and supported. Even today trying to use a PS4/5 controller on PC brings back memories of decades past, installing programs and calibrating them in the OS before trying to get them to work in game. Go back even further and you had to worry about getting DMI settings in your BIOS just right so that you could have a functioning controller AND sound.
  2. For when you're starting a new save-game and can't remember where those pesky dealerships or tuners are located (or you keep going to where they were located in TDU1), you can consult this community map. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1RJd-Y_X9Y9RWAD0hRSNBWWOJqTs&hl=en&ll=21.56938731378462%2C-158.00992205955265&z=12
  3. You must be OG. I haven't seen someone use the term IGN (in-game name) in years!
  4. These forums are English only, sorry.  Please use a translator. 

  5. Well done, BEight (why do I keep wanting to call you BBEight lol). This a great new direction for TDU1 modding and I hope to see more like it.
  6. Only report content that you believe is harmful. Do not use the report feature to ask questions as the community and mod author will not see it.  Invalid reports will be deleted. Thanks.

    1. tasmania


      sorry dude i wont know how to make questions about the mod

    2. Ryzza5


      If you are looking at a mod, there are buttons to Download File and Get Support.  Click Get Support and you will be taken to the discussion page where you can add a reply.


  7. Try right-clicking the file in question or it's parent folder, go to Properties, and make sure the Read Only box is not ticked.
  8. Try running one stick of RAM without the other, then swap after a few days. Do you notice a difference?
  9. A brief interview with Alain Jarniou (Creative Director at KT Racing) was published by thesixthaxis.com: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2022/10/04/test-drive-unlimited-solar-crown-preview-interview-with-kt-racing-alain-jarniou/ The interview does not drop any bombshells but does reflect on Alain's past passion projects (TDU 1 and 2) and reveals that despite the 1:1 map scale, tweaks and adjustments will be made to the game world to suit the types of driving and racing we all expect without getting stuck in traffic jams on very narrow roads. Alain reassures us that the game is more than just racing, but about car appreciation and enjoyment of (virtual) ownership. Another interview discussing WRC and TDU was published at screenrant.com https://screenrant.com/alain-jarniou-interview-wrc-generations-preview/ TDU Solar Crown remains slated for a release date sometime in 2023.
  10. Ryzza5

    TDU Solar Crown

    Repository of artwork and screeshots for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, due for release in 2023.
  11. Some promote the use of a dgVoodoo wrapper and 4GB patcher for this issue
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