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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Replacing brake sound
  2. I've gotten a responce from the Atari service desk. They actually gave me the information i needed and helped me setup a new password for my old account. I know this game isn't TDU1 but at least i can cruize the virtual streets again with some nice tunes banging through the speakers. Let this be a future reference for other people that might run into this problem. I can only assume Atari will fix their forums and the TDU2 website soon. I'll be cruizing the Ibiza streets under the name killall80 again, hope to see you there.
  3. It really is driving me crazy that we'll never get to enjoy TDU1 online anymore, there really is no other game on the PC like this. To play Forza Horizon for me means to buy a xbox360+fanatec steering wheel (since xbox360 has no g25 support :( ) +the game means alot of cash for a mediocre game so thats a no no. So here i am with TDU2... and i can't even play it online right now.... at least it didn't cost me much.
  4. Hi, after the closure of the TDU1 servers i find myself buying this game called TDU2. The problem is that Atari/Eden closed too much stuff, in fact, its impossible to create a new account for TDU2. After hours of frustration i've send an email to Atari to recover my old beta accounts but i don't excpet a helpfull answer from them as they can't even manage their own websites. I'm not the only one that can't create an account as i've searched throught alot of forums. If anyone has a spare TDU2 login account i could use, i'd greatly appreciate it. My email is: [email protected] Thank
  5. Errr this is the first mod ever made by me for any game and this one was kinda fail... try the updated bov pack I released after: http://forum.tdu-central.com/threads/9889-TDU-BOV-Pack-5.1-bugfree-RUF-s?p=178874#post178874
  6. Another link added. The Mediafire one opens for me but the download never starts ... ? So i added another one.. lets see how long this one lasts.
  7. What we are doing is not really raging.. it just that the car controls are so bad i cant remember a racing game thats this bad when simply trying to take a corner.. even need for speed world feels better and that doesnt even support racing wheels fully.. Even more so these points are pointed out in the beta and Eden fails to do anything about it. So the community has "thought" enough about thiese physics. I think most of us are intitled to rage about this if we feel the need to do so.
  8. While playing this on the PC with a G25, all i gotta say is horrible horrible handling... Clutch doesn't work porperly, the cars have no shockbreakers that i can notice, drifting as said before is almost impossible, braking feels like you press full brake all the time when you just gently tab the brake resulting in uncontrolable braking in corners. I not getting this game for now, hopefully Eden will patch this... im not expecting much, theres just too much to fix in this department. The game itself is decent.. graphics look nice and a nice presentation of stuff, but thats not what a
  9. This is one of the best modded engine sound here i've heard so far. Definatly worth the download. A completely different question, in the youtube vid i'm noticing you are using some weather mod which looks really nice, you can see sun beams and stuff that arnt seen in normal tdu. Care to share which weather mod you are using?
  10. This mod replaces certain default TDU brake sounds, so this would mean all cars will have the new brake sound. It could be the car u are driving has a loud engine so u cant really hear the mod. Other than that i dunno.
  11. I just checked with firefox and IE, both seem to be working just fine :confused: ill see if i can find another host.
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