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  1. Milli what you think about also adding Illusion paradise mod ? Also good luck with everything
  2. That looks just amazing Like a movie but in real time Any plans on a Demo ?
  3. yeah ofc im not installing and i dont even play the game to be honest ... i was just saying that you are unbalacing all the game volumes just to make your sounds audible...this is quite the opposite concept of a "booster" btw You are "unboosting" in fact (if ever the word exists) Anyway like you and i say its simple ... dont like it dont install it right ? Cheers & happy modding :D
  4. Isnt it simplier to make your sounds sound higher ? :mhmm: I mean otherwise its too much work for you to make everything sound lower.... and then when people install other sound mods they will sound super high comparing with yours You seem to be afraid of making the sounds sound high ... you will say thats its becuase of "quality" but if you "preserve" the original quality by making them sound low then in game you will never notice about that "original quality" because the samples sound low.... and i understand your point of view but tdu requires very high sound samples in order to the sound be listenable So you can lose some "original" quality but then at least they sound high in game ...and it will prevent you doing all this stuff wich is not good at all...as you are unbalacing all the game volumes as you know
  5. Straight to my desktop wallpaper Amazing shots you are taking and damn! this is the best looking game ever ! Cheers keep them coming !
  6. Are the "free slots" unlimited or theres any limitation of slots available ? Great job mate and glad to see you again on this side :D Cheers,
  7. Have you tried to compress the samples ?
  8. Thats pretty much the best recording out there of a LaFerrari....(except the ferrari site one wich is a shame they dont rev it to max but...) Anyway best of luck doing it Cheers!
  9. Oh dont worry its going...as you know tdu1 is still the hardest game to mod sound because we really need to get that deep note in each sample + volume and to make things worst its a ...Bmw sound of one the most epic cars ever But i will get there sooner or later Btw whenever you can send me a "beta version" of the car please do it ...so i can see the bimmer in game and have a better perception of the sound Cheers!!! EDIT : the car doesnt need to have interior...just exterior shape and if you have any physics include them also otherwsie i will use the ones from the e36 m3
  10. Yes indeed sounds and looks great ! Great job + rep Cheers !
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