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  1. Andreas¹

    Salon de TDUCK: New Car Releases

    It looks so much better than the sedan/hatch. :hmmm:
  2. Andreas¹

    Configurator showroom

    I'm 100% sure neither is worth it, the A1 I configured was way north of £30k and the A3 more than £40k. Still lots of want though.
  3. Andreas¹

    Configurator showroom

    Yes please. :hmmm: Also lots of yes please. :mhmm: Though how expensive they are is ridiculous. :(
  4. Andreas¹

    Had a Bad Day? Post Your Story Here

    Thanks guys :( She was 85 years old but still thinking clearly until this happened. I think she would've had a few more years had she not contracted some kind of infection, I don't know if the doctors are even sure what happened yet. It happened so fast, she only went in on Thursday.
  5. Andreas¹

    Had a Bad Day? Post Your Story Here

    My grandmother passed away today so.... there's that. :(
  6. Andreas¹

    Happy Birthday See Elle Argh

    It's only almost too late! :birthday: :hi: :D
  7. Andreas¹

    Happy birthday or whatever Scott

    Congrats old man whenever you wake up and see this. :cheeese: :birthday:
  8. Andreas¹

    We Are 10 Years Old Today! -- HOLY QWUACK!

    It's hard to believe it's been 10 years, and I've been here for 9 of those. I still remember the day I went to town and bought a physical copy of TDU, then installing it and buying a blue Audi TT as my first car before being mesmerized by the huge open world that felt so different from anything I'd ever played before it. This place and the people here have had such an impact on my life, sometimes I still ponder what would have been had I not picked up TDU that day 8 or 9 years ago. Life is so different these days, I'm sure that applies to everyone else as well but we're still here together and that's amazing. Thank you Diablo and everyone here who have helped make these 10 years what they have been, drama and good times alike. :)