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Found 2 results

  1. I've just posted the first trailer of my upcoming driving game and would be happy to hear any kind of feedback from the TDU community. It can be viewed on my website Ondřej Švadlena , in the "Films" section (sorry for the quirky navigation). As to why I'm posting on this forum... Been playing TDU1 for about four years and had high expectations for the sequel - which, for me, was a major let-down, mostly due to the dreadful driving physics model. In fact, I was so disappointed that I began working on my own driving game. Thanks for watching, Soul Mod Edit: Download here: BEWARE demo file
  2. So insted of spamming other pages with my photos, I though I'd make one and dump them here in the form of a story. :) This is Photo heavy, so if a mod wants me to cut down on the pictures just say & i'll get rid of some of them! So it started off with a early morning, leaving Aberdeen at 6AM, after a night of a few drinks that when quite to plan. We headed off down the A90 on our trip to Knockhill for the British Touring Car Championship in my friends VW Polo R-Line. Picture from the backseat, I never actually took this one. The weather was meh, dark, foggy and raining from time to time, thankfully by the time we got to Dundee it had perked up alot, with the sun poking it's head out. We stopped at Tesco there for some food and drink's as someone had left them in a Honda that was 70 miles north...But a baguette, multi-pack bag of crisps and a coke as well as marker pens(they'll come in handy later) and we were ready to hit the road again. We got to Knockhill at around 8am, got our tickets at the gate and parked up. I spotted the MG stand where they were showing off the new MG3, so I jumped at the chance to have a right good poke around.(got a good chat with the dealer guy, and got a test drive coming soon ;))With it being so early we got to walk about the paddock without bother of crowds, spotting a few drivers going about as well as car's getting prepped, a perfect time to ogle the cars and take pictures... Rob Austin's Audi A4 by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Colin Turkington's BMW 125i by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr BMW 125i Engine (BTCC Spec) by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Sam Tordoff's MG6 by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr After that we headed over to the track to catch the Carrera cup in action, grabbing a spot on top of the 'Seat Curve' and staying there for the next few races, untill the first BTCC race was over. 'Carrera Cup' at Knockhill by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr From there we headed back to the car for supply's, we dropped by the MG stand again so I could get some pictures of the 3.. MG3 by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr As well as get some free drinks... KX Shots anyone? by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr We then decided to head back to the paddock for some more photos and nose about. Formula Ford by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Ginetta G40R by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Then we herd Race 2 of the BTCC for the day was to start, we hurried to grab a space down by the hairpin, the most popular place to view from. The atmosphere for BTCC race 2 by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr The line up... - BTCC race 2 by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr That rear....on the car that is! Daniel Welch 's Proton GEN-2 by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr More line up for race 2 by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr And so with the race in full swing... At the Hairpin by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr The Hairpin by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr We decided to get a different space for the rest of the races, picking to sit on the inside of the track along the main straight, getting a great view of the hairpin & down to 'Hislops'. Ginetta G55 on the grid by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr The grid of the Ginetta championship by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Then for the final race of the day, BTCC race 3! Sam Tordoff's MG6 on the Grid by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Frank Wrathall's Toyota Avensis on the Grid by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Dan Welch's Proton GEN-2 on the Grid by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Though there was a driver up there.... by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Jason Plato's MG6 on the Grid by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr BTCC Race 3 @Knockhill by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Warren Scott's VW passatt CC by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Race 3 in full swing by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr Lucky miss! by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr And so with race 3 over, we went to the podium but not before grabbing a shot of the pits from the bridge. Aftermath, end of race 3 in the pits. by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr And seeing the winners... Race 3 Winners by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr And with that the racing over, and having got the camera covered in champagne from the winners, we decided to hang around as the traffic to get out was going to take ages! We got more than we ever hoped for by doing so! :D Next photo-heavy post will be on the track action and up close with the cars. ;)
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