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  1. For many years Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2 format held the crown for me but once Hot Pursuit 2010 came out it is King in my limited NFS catalog.
  2. @_Pr0ph3cy_ Yeah I understand people and NFS fans not liking the direction they are going. It's kinda far removed from the past in many ways. Shift to me should have not included the NFS logo at all. I think it could have stood on it's own for what it is. I think EA needed a new NFS for the series to continue and Shift was the only thing in the works at the time. From all the complaints and requests I have seen all over the web here is my take on it all. I think most want an open world race game where the rules and choices are in the players hands to a point. Mutliplayer maps where one can drive around to see and discover the sites and at the same time run into other players and challenge them to a race/drift/follow the leader whatever. Or choose not too! Some want cops around to chase them if they drive like a maniac, some don't want the cops or the choice to have or not. Tuners with endless customization and performance upgrades. More realistic driving physics. and so on...... I thought that 'NFS World' addresses most of this but I guess it's not good enough and they want EA to release a disc game of 'Underground/Most Wanted' on steroids. I get what alot of Underground & Most Wanted fans are asking for, but I seriously doubt it will go completely in that direction. But I could be deadly wrong too! As HP 2010 came out and a friend and I lamented for many years how cool it would be for EA to do a HP remake for the newer consoles. We always laughed and said it would never happen. Who knows what's next for the series? I have no idea what will come out next. I would like to see what Criterion might offer again though. I am sure not within 4 months of The Run's release they will announce the new NFS!!
  3. A few days ago I switched my pre-order from Xbox to PS3 for the exclsive cars, plus I will get the limited edition. Looks like fun too me! I am still playing NFS-Hot Pursuit 2010 since day one. After they super-hyped the marketing for HP 2010 and I attended the demo party here in Texas I was hooked. Waited 5 & 1/2 months for the game to be released. Even back dated my Xbox so I could continue to play the demo until release day. I am looking forward to 'The Run' with almost as much excitment. I say almost because HP 2010 was a game I thought they would NEVER make so I was really pumped for it, being that Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2 was my all time favorite game until the new one came along. Back on topic: I think some fun could be had with 'The Run'. No it's not going to be HP 2010 graphic wise or physic wise. I have been all over the web and on some NFS forums and I see complaint, after complaint about the physics of HP 2010. Then the other side of it complaints about the physics of 'The Run'. I wish someone would make up their mind. I know EA/Dice/Frostbite 2 are purposely going for totally different physics in the game. I like the driving physic so far. I get what they are after, I get it. Unfortunately most don't. You can't make everyone happy. I am out for fun, racing, going fast, and shunting and smashing other cars if that's what is called for. I have both conoles, PS3,Xbox along with a gaming PC so I can choose how I want to play a game if those options are there. So I get what EA is trying to do and I like what I see so far. Will I change my tune once I actually play the entire game? Good question will see. Engine sounds seem to be on track with what little we have to go on. The graphics are not on par with BF3 but I believe there are several reasons for that. A web sight has reviewed the complete career mode stating it is 5 to 8 hours without any races repeated. More than 10 hours spent on the career mode on 'Extreme' with repeating many races sometimes up to 10 times. Half of the challenge series was done and they estimate another 15 hours there. So it seems to be a relative short game, but no different than 'Carbon' it was short too. My November vacation time is dedicated for playing this game,with the surround sound system cranked, all the lights out, and maybe, just maybe if it's cold enough a roaring fire in the fireplace to with it all. So too bad some will not be having fun with it, I know I will be.
  4. Already the speculation and the trashing has begun all over the web over this game. It's still in it's infancy pre-alpha stage yet everyone is already an expert on the game and only small portions have been shown. All over I see everyone wanting 'Most Wanted 2' & 'Underground 3'. Can't see either of those happening. At least not in the way everyone is expecting. EA is trying to appease those fans but taking the game in a new direction, but it's not going to be what many expect or want. My favorite genre of games is and always has been racing/driving games. I like to have fun with just about any type of driving game, wether it be sim type, arcade or somewhere in the middle. I have enjoyed almost every NFS game out with the exception of 'Pro Street'. Oh yeah and 'Undercover' was atrocious! Shift was good, but I have my gripes about it though minor. I thought Shift 2 was a good improvement over the original. Though many thought taking NFS series in the vain of Pro Street was not right. Hot Pursuit 2010 was and is my top pick. It took my favorite game in the series Hot Pursuit 2 PS2 and re-created it on steroids in a sense. Many hated it too. Too arcadey, drifting around turns @200 mph was just too silly for many to enjoy. I think it is a blast, and it will remain a favorite of mine well into the future. I will be pre-ordering/purchasing 'The Run' when it arrives. Just from the brief action that has been released, it looks to be interesting and more fun to be had. If it was a 'Pro Street' clone I would pass. So in short I like all types of racing and more to the point I like to have fun. I understand first impressions, but I wish more would have a wait and see attitude. Then again that's just the gaming community today I suppose.
  5. http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd16/madpioneer/Picture064.jpg
  6. http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd16/madpioneer/ChevelleSSBlue.jpg
  7. Looks interesting. Spotted a red Mazda RX-7 around the time the chopper shows up in the video. Thought this might satisfy all the begging for another 'Most Wanted' or 'Underground' type game but will have to see.
  8. Here's something you don't see everyday, not so much that it's an RX7 but the fact that it has a Corvette V8 shoe-horned into the engine bay! http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd16/madpioneer/Cars%20and%20Coffee/RX7V8.jpg http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd16/madpioneer/Cars%20and%20Coffee/RX7V8mtrshot.jpg
  9. First time to see one of these in person. http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd16/madpioneer/Cars%20and%20Coffee/LexusLFR.jpg http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd16/madpioneer/Cars%20and%20Coffee/LexusLFRrear.jpg
  10. Most recent... http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd16/madpioneer/Washer-Dryer/Picture067.jpg
  11. From what I know the new online DLC 'Armed & Dangerous' pack has a event called 'Most Wanted'. In Most Wanted one racer is marked as the MW. Three other racers run with him and protect him while 4 cops try to take down the MW car. The other racers are to act as a team and protect. If the cops bust the MW driver event is over. There is no set course, you can run/roam anywhere in any direction on the map, but it is still an event not just a complete free roam scenario. The problem I have read is that the protector racers bow out after the race starts, same for the cops to where sometimes it ends up 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 and so forth. Unfortunately most of the DLC's are not made for PC.
  12. Elemento & Diablo SV are in the Exotic bracket, the Countach is in the Super bracket IIRC.
  13. Anyone here downloaded & played the Armed & Dangerous DLC? I read on the NFS forum where many complain in 'Most Wanted' alot of the racers don't really help out the marked car, or leave the game mid-stream leaving only a few racers and a few cops. Guess I am not so excited to play online now....
  14. Not saying this game or these new add-0n cars are perfect, but I did notice a nice few ques. First off they did a great job animating the pop up headlights on the Countach & Diablo. The downside the older headlamps in both the Countach & the Diablo do not light the road and surroundings like the new style headlights do in the newer cars in the game. Yellow light vs. white I suppose. It makes driving in the dark much more challenging when using either of those two vehicles! Try it for your self, drive either the Countach or the Diablo at night then do the same with the Elemento or Murc or any of the other cars really. I thought that was a nice touch. Though this game is totally arcade I wish other game makers would go this far in detail ques for other games.
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