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  1. Can you help me? Some of mods with autointaller don't work for me. Here is a bug report from one of the mods:
  2. Is it possible to convert cars from TDU2 for TDU1 (to insert cars from TDU2 to TDU1 like a mod):cool:
  3. Hi man, Did you find a way to slove this problem? Whether the problem is that I am with 64x OS, because on my PC I am with Win7Ult x86 and I dont have this problem, but on my Notebook I am with Win7Ult. x64 and I have this problem here. [mod edit:] Please do not quote images, thanks!
  4. Thank you. When I install the lite version the plroblem has been fixed. What is difference in the full and lite version?
  5. Not some, all parts are in black. I will read and try with readme. Thank you! :) P.P.: I cant fix it. I need help.
  6. Magic Map? Patch 1.68A/B? I have 1.68b (incl. Magic map) and I have the same problem. :) Write it with bigger and red color notes. :)
  7. twist69

    Break sound

    Thank you!:excited:
  8. I need becouse when I install physics the game crash... There is label "BUGATTI Veron <resourse not found>" in TDUPE
  9. twist69

    Break sound

    I don't like a scream from the breacks! Where I can find this sound to remove it?
  10. Is it posible someone to make driving with one hand in all time like this: right hand could be on the transmision or left hand otside of windows :D
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