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  1. Thank you, im really glad that people still use them/love them, even after soo much time. Have fun!
  2. Just discovered this mod a few days ago. Nice job i must say! Huge thanks for you and everyone who worked on this project. I also had a big smile on my face when i saw my mods too. Hard to believe that a more than 10 years old game still has such a community support like this.
  3. Hey guys, It's been a long time ago since i was here. Unfortunately i didn't finished my last projects as you know for sure, maybe because i've done a lot of mods and i was kinda get bored of it, also get other things in my life to do at that time and i just began to forget about TDU. Of course i don't make mods anymore, but i saw TDU Platinum project in the days and i got the feel to play TDU a bit again. I just wanted to say "hi" again to the old good TDU community here, and apologize for my disappear without any words, i mean im sure there was at least a few people who may waited for the w.i.p projects. I want to give a huge thanks for everyone who use(d) and enjoy(ed) my mods, since i got a lot of positive feedbacks, what i really appreciate. Anyway, have fun everyone, maybe we will see each other sometime on the old little island... Cheers, Norby931
  4. Hi! I'd like to ask you for permission to edit the mod "http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/29260-norby931-2011-mercedes-benz-s65-amg-update-coming-soon". It's locked...( The mod is still old. I'm only in educational and personal purposes. To publish a mod is not going to. Thanks in advance..
  5. I reinstalled the game, also didnt installed any mod, so its a clear game now, but the police car bug still. I think i will delete them, they only troll on me all the time. But the second is a good idea, i going to try it out, thx mate, i will write here, what i did and what happened.
  6. Ty, enjoy them. ;) Anybody knows why i got invisible police cars? Its really annoying when you going with 300km/h on an empty road, and once u just crash into a police car . With 1.68b patch, i also got mad traffic. The traffic cars just are stop suddenly to 0km/h in a second, come in front of u, and slide from left to righ, like if they would lagging, if u know what i mean. Any idea? I using 64bit win 7.
  7. Amazing quality. I hope we will see some more pics of this project, looks interesting. ;)
  8. I got lot of my textures from Combat, what i modify usually, just like at my cl65 amg. So i have for e.g. a black leather texture, then i modify the colours, the size or/and other things. The others from forza what i also modify. Most of the textures in my mods are custom.
  9. And u did great job! :) Other: I just searched for tdu mods when i saw Miha's cl65 amg. He did nice job on the car, mainly with the textures what he just picked out of my mod and use it as he wanted... ;)
  10. Thx! :) Nope, its an ADV rim by Zoqqer. ;)
  11. Not much news, just some pics... :)
  12. Thx! ;) I will do, and good to hear this. :) I know it looks almost finished but still lot of things to do what u cant see on the pics. Thats because usually i try to show the "better face" of the w.i.p. cars, i dont wanna show the part of the car which is under progress as i can obviously, if u know what i mean. Anyway, stay tuned! ;)
  13. Yeah, long time ago i was not here. Sry, i didnt work on the car, i lost my inspiration to deal with modding. But now im really excited about tdu 1 coming back to online, if its will happen, im sure i will continue some project. Btw i dont want stop the bimmer, as i dont like to waste the hours i put in this project. Anyway i have some problems to set up the right suspension and rideheight settings, as the wheels keep hitting into the asphalt. I try to finish it but i dont want to say any release date, it will be released when its done. :) But good to see that you still interested about this mod. ;)
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