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  1. Thank you, im really glad that people still use them/love them, even after soo much time. Have fun!
  2. Just discovered this mod a few days ago. Nice job i must say! Huge thanks for you and everyone who worked on this project. I also had a big smile on my face when i saw my mods too. Hard to believe that a more than 10 years old game still has such a community support like this.
  3. Hey guys, It's been a long time ago since i was here. Unfortunately i didn't finished my last projects as you know for sure, maybe because i've done a lot of mods and i was kinda get bored of it, also get other things in my life to do at that time and i just began to forget about TDU. Of course i don't make mods anymore, but i saw TDU Platinum project in the days and i got the feel to play TDU a bit again. I just wanted to say "hi" again to the old good TDU community here, and apologize for my disappear without any words, i mean im sure there was at least a few people who may waited for t
  4. Hi! I'd like to ask you for permission to edit the mod "http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/29260-norby931-2011-mercedes-benz-s65-amg-update-coming-soon". It's locked...( The mod is still old. I'm only in educational and personal purposes. To publish a mod is not going to. Thanks in advance..

    1. I reinstalled the game, also didnt installed any mod, so its a clear game now, but the police car bug still. I think i will delete them, they only troll on me all the time. But the second is a good idea, i going to try it out, thx mate, i will write here, what i did and what happened.
    2. Ty, enjoy them. ;) Anybody knows why i got invisible police cars? Its really annoying when you going with 300km/h on an empty road, and once u just crash into a police car . With 1.68b patch, i also got mad traffic. The traffic cars just are stop suddenly to 0km/h in a second, come in front of u, and slide from left to righ, like if they would lagging, if u know what i mean. Any idea? I using 64bit win 7.
    3. Amazing quality. I hope we will see some more pics of this project, looks interesting. ;)
    4. I got lot of my textures from Combat, what i modify usually, just like at my cl65 amg. So i have for e.g. a black leather texture, then i modify the colours, the size or/and other things. The others from forza what i also modify. Most of the textures in my mods are custom.
    5. And u did great job! :) Other: I just searched for tdu mods when i saw Miha's cl65 amg. He did nice job on the car, mainly with the textures what he just picked out of my mod and use it as he wanted... ;)
    6. Thx! :) Nope, its an ADV rim by Zoqqer. ;)
    7. Not much news, just some pics... :)
    8. Thx! ;) I will do, and good to hear this. :) I know it looks almost finished but still lot of things to do what u cant see on the pics. Thats because usually i try to show the "better face" of the w.i.p. cars, i dont wanna show the part of the car which is under progress as i can obviously, if u know what i mean. Anyway, stay tuned! ;)
    9. Yeah, long time ago i was not here. Sry, i didnt work on the car, i lost my inspiration to deal with modding. But now im really excited about tdu 1 coming back to online, if its will happen, im sure i will continue some project. Btw i dont want stop the bimmer, as i dont like to waste the hours i put in this project. Anyway i have some problems to set up the right suspension and rideheight settings, as the wheels keep hitting into the asphalt. I try to finish it but i dont want to say any release date, it will be released when its done. :) But good to see that you still interested about this m
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