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  1. nice im loving that Estate i wanted one a while back as the prices were okay but the taxes here doubled the price so i couldnt afford it :( anyway looks awesome but what engine do you have ?
  2. good looking Fiat and VW there :D i am a bit jealous though good stuff anyway got a medium shine here with a pic from some time ago http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/BMW%20525D/IMG_20140306_164958_zps28a7e55e.jpg~original
  3. looking good and it seems i'll be getting a Xbox One for my birthday as the release is planned on my bday :D
  4. yeah it also depends on how you drive where you drive and the accuracy of the computer if i calculate how far i get with what i fill up then i get 8l/100km
  5. nice engines there with good consumptions too :D
  6. what engine do you have ? mine getting 9.0L/100km on dash isnt bad for a 2.5l diesel from about 7 years ago
  7. well back then we didnt have a lot of money so if we wanted a new console we had to sell the old one :(
  8. well mine isnt that bad here is a shot of when i cruise along the motorway http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/BMW%20525D/IMG_20140518_232700_zps76f4dce5.jpg~original
  9. 10 mpg(uk) would be 28.24L/100km 2.20 miles/liter 15 mpg (uk) would be 18.83L/100km 3.30 miles/liter 20mpg (uk) would be 14.12L/100 km 4.40 miles/liter
  10. whoops did i put something thats wasnt allowed ? im sorry sometimes i type stuff without really checking it... i'll try to make sure it doesnt happen again :eek:
  11. damn just when i thought dropping a can of coke on the ground causing it to explode was annoying then i read this i hope you get better soon man that must have hurt i would have cried like a little boy all the way to the doctor and back home xD
  12. i kinda remember it from my childhood we never had a PS1 becasue i was the youngest of three and a N64 was the more logical choice. and we did have Goldeneye however we sold our N64 with all of the games for a NGC and now i want a N64 again and relive the 90's
  13. i still have mine which i got when it just came out togehter with GT3 i am currently thinking of buying a Nintendo 64 though
  14. on the thread of my car i mentioned i bought a new laptop after the battery of my old one broke its a simple Laptop nothing special its an Asus N750JV to be exact http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/random%20stuffzz/IMG_20140606_213911_zpsa5290aa5.jpg~original http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/random%20stuffzz/IMG_20140606_214148_zps036f8f87.jpg~original the specs are okay for a laptop Intel i7 4700HQ 4th Gen 8GB Ram Nvidia Geforce GT750M 2GB VRAM 17.3" anti glare screen @ 1920x1080 B&O sound with external subwoofer USB 3.0 Bluetooth im happy with it and i wanted to share this here :D
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