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  1. hi, how update database Aftermarketpacks on tdu modding tools and work? i tried but dont update....
  2. look this: [ATTACH]20302[/ATTACH] this all right? I have to change the directory? and I can not install ....
  3. still doesn t work.... can you print yours to see pls?
  4. i cant install, gives me some errors, and I do not know what, do you know zoqquer? [ATTACH]20290[/ATTACH]
  5. like this? [ATTACH]20289[/ATTACH] now what i have to do?
  6. appears this: [ATTACH]20286[/ATTACH]
  7. look this: [ATTACH]20285[/ATTACH] i can change the name (in green) but i cant change the values (in black) on tdupe i change the values the vehicles, not the performance pack, anyway ty for your support. ps: i try contact DJEY but unsuccessfully....
  8. I searched in tdu modding tools, but you can not change the values​​, only gives to rename the packages ... I want to do this because in some cars tune is not very fast as it should be because the values ​​are negative and I want to put them positive.
  9. hi, somebody can tell me how open tdu db files? i instaled too many programs but all doesn t work. i want change the performance pack values,
  10. well i dont like the g63 6 x 6, i prefer italia speciale, but its just my opinion :)
  11. its the best mod quality ever on TDU!!!!!!! unfortunately i dont like the car, but the quality is soberb, even better quality than the mods tool831! what the next project?
  12. hood_front - noble m400 hood_back - noble m400 cockpit_front - ferrari 308 gts cockpit_back - noble m400 ik - ferrari dino gt result:
  13. hi all, someone have this mod and can give me a link to download it in pm massage pls? tdupe is close, so i search in others website and no have...
  14. you can change the texture in the center the steering wheel? i think is ugly, the rest is perfect!
  15. Norby you can make the version with this lights? http://www.lancerregister.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=127774&stc=1&d=1234977702
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