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  1. dear Milli may i ask you how you made the AI bots to full the throttle in straights and to use the 1.05 at corners?

    by the way i noticed that tdu uses temeraire mauvais bots in races but after you reach the expert level tdu uses only -bon bots so in order to enjoy extreme races i did the following trick

    i created 2 profiles the pro and the full so in pro profile i have only 1 house and 3 cars not same brand and i race only 4 events just to earn money [i can change cars in trade mode} when i reach the pro level i open the challenge editor and i can do all the races vs temeraire mauvais bots [for A class i recommend temeraire-normal] as a test drive [the race creator is enabled if you write in FX  using notepad++               GMEDESINGER   =   TRUE

                                      ALLCHALLENGESSOLO  =   TRUE

    so i remain pro level and face mauvais bots


    on the other hand i use the full profile to complete it and let you know that if you edit all the races to have non restriction bots then they can be mauvais


    also in pro level i have the Eclass empty and i choose 7 carbots id like to race and i mod these 7 cars to be Eclass so i edit the races to race vs Eclass so tdu uses only these 7 cars

    my last interest is if you d like to show me how to tell the bots for 1oo% throttle at straights and 105 at corners

    yours sincerely happy new year 2020 God bless you

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