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  1. happy new year .i upload a new mod with the millionaire's challenge vs koenigsegg CCR can you win this endurance? if so you re a champion. good luck! test drive unlimited.7z
  2. i think here is the answer
  3. im not familiar with this issue so i just only hope someone could fix it [maybe if we could set traffic there]
  4. this mod is going to be perfect that is perfect braking-acceleration-speed for bots.so all bot vehicules are modded. have fun perfect.7z
  5. did you replace the database with the modded one?
  6. i dont have such issue maybe it is fxini? FX.ini
  7. here i upload a brief video tutorial how to mod the tduexe Screen_Recorder+_20220524081639.mp4
  8. in the following mod the bots make safe turnings and they dont spin out to the bushes i raced the millioner challenge with ccr vs 7 ccr and during the race occured more than 100 overtakes!!! enjoy!!! ps i also disabled the physicsThread = off [so it is on now] so the gaming is fun ok test drive unlimited.7z slower turnings n1.7z
  9. i double click on tdu2exe then it shows an error then i redouble click on tdu2exe and the game starts
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