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  1. hey guys i discovered that there is no need to reach the hardcore level to enjoy hard races. also at non hardcore level you can also drift even with full driving aid . let me say that the difference is that at hardcore level you can do technical and durable drifts which is funny but reduce your pace at a race while at non hardcore level you can do racing drifts which are funnier and help you overtake your opponents at corners with a high level driving and this is exciting. let me share with you what i ve done and now im experiencing dreaming races in ige folder install that roo
  2. please i need someone to tell me how can i decrypt-encrypt the AIBotsPers.xml file thank you a lot the reason is to see if i can make the AI bots drive without wait for me if i crush out and for the A class cars i want bots to drive at straights reaching the top speed of the car even if it is over 400 km/h and again without waiting for my coming back i want to race the AI bots like the online races where i hardly ever won the races i want a REAL test drive experience that is i want to compare the cars competing the AI bots i want the AI bots to be the best drivers to show me w
  3. hey guys if you want to enjoy race vs fast AI bots you must do the following 1] follow my instructions on page 67 and 78 to activate the hidden race creator [in game] 2]you must reach the pro level to enable the challenge editor where you can open the race creator 3]you must never reach the expert level because on that level you face only slow AI bots 4]open the races from race creator and enjoy about 3 of 6 races you face the extreme fast AI bots [jimmy-Lise-william etc now the point is how to remain pro level for ever a]one way is to make a special request from
  4. follow my instructions at pages 67 and 78 there is a hidden race editor in this game and if you activate it you can make any changes you want about the races even to set the number of opponents=1
  5. https://gist.github.com/Darkvapour/8977b08aeb6a115487c4bc8ed2842cb1 by this way you can do everything change you want to the races f.e. change class of cars etc
  6. install ige folder in euro folder install the nodvd launcher install the magicmap in euro folder and replace the fxini file in FXfolder .here i upload the ige file with all races with no restriction for the player and A class for bots i also upload the fx ini file to replace and it makes the challenge editor [in game] to become race editor so you can make any changes you wish about the races have fun https://gist.github.com/Darkvapour/8977b08aeb6a115487c4bc8ed2842cb1 FX.ini IGE.zip
  7. when you are rookie or amateur level tdu uses -mauvais bots when you are pro and expert level tdu uses -normal bots when you are champion level tdu uses -bon bots
  8. replace the fx.ini file [it s inside FX folder] and open challenge editor [in game] have fun also install ige folder to euro\bnk location also install magicmap to euro\bnk location and install the no dvd launcher i add the ige folder containing only races vs A bots https://gist.github.com/Darkvapour/8977b08aeb6a115487c4bc8ed2842cb1 FX.ini IGE.zip
  9. may i ask if it is possible for the bots to drive tuned cars with pack 3? thank you for any help
  10. yes just replace the fx.ini file in FX folder with this one you also need t replace the map file then open the challenge editor [in game] and have fun FX.ini Bnk1.map
  11. i also transformed time challenges to race just unzip and replace the ige folder in order to avoid issues with race editor you mustnt install tdu in program files but somewhere else ex desktop so you can make any change you want f e i made all the races to race against A class cars and for me is no restriction ps be aware that you can enter the edited race only from map mode and having chosen already your car IGE.zip
  12. if you want to edit the races via the game just replace the FX.ini with that i uploaded then open challenge editor and enjoy FX.ini
  13. i d like to thank all the modders and of course Milli for this brilliant platinum work the only thing i wish to be added is about 7 superfast bots A+++ class for having crazy races with crazy speeds of very fast tuned cars God bless you all
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