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  1. yes replace at testdrive unlimited/Euro/BNK/FX but for full race editor you must have IGE files and the no cd exe file and the magic map [see my related posts] otherwise download here the simple fxini file just for traffic issue FX.ini
  2. copypaste this fxini file .maybe it works.also this fx ini file activates a full race editor in game FX.ini
  3. can somebody do this mod and upload it here? thank you
  4. according to my experience when it shows the same error i let it be opened and i redouble click the launcher and it works
  5. 10] when you are rookie-amateur the game uses mauvais bots only when you are pro the game uses mauvais and normal bots when you are expert the game uses normal and bon bots and when you are champion the game uses bon only bots but if you set a race to be no restriction for bots then the game uses the default bots for each car no matter the behaviour that is it uses mauvais, normal and bon bots
  6. 9]if you open tdu.exe with notepad++[11.976MB] you ll see interesting and understandable stuff from line 50.504 and below .maybe after many changes and tests i could locate the data which is responsible for slow behaviour of AIbots at high speeds
  7. you can find d3dx9_dll in internet at google search https://www.dll-files.com/d3dx9_43.dll.html
  8. i d like to make a request open FXini file with notepad++ and before car session type PhysicsThread = OFF thanks to this i dont have to do anything else for such issues espessially for invisible cars and for gear shifting bugs
    hey guys here i boosted the G class cars for bots in order to set no restriction for bots to see that when you race with no restriction for bots they become faster Database.7z
  9. 7]i think the bots are faster at tracks with 2 rounds 8]also if you set no restriction for bots at the races they are faster (if you download tdu adrenaline and set no restriction for bots you can see the difference from any restriction)
  10. you must buy a new cdrom tdu and a new pc to install
  11. View File tdu adrenaline in this mod racing vs F class bots is very funny they are real fighters and you ll feel that you really race so drive CCR and try to beat them.the other classes bots are also fast . good luck!! Submitter tasos007007 Submitted 02/24/2021 Category Tools / Others  
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