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  1. i installed a fresh copy of tdu1 on my pc and put the platinum mod on it. is there any way to play it online on my pre-backed up no-gamespy save so i dont have to start it over again?
  2. i finally figured that out, thanks y'all! can't really tell what exactly helped though, since i literally tried everything and even "improvised" a little bit.
  3. encountering the same issue rn man (you can check the post on my profile). have you figured it out?
  4. okay. ik it will take a lot of time with my slow wi-fi, but i'll try. thank you also, what can i do to make sure nothing interferes my installation or corrupts my files (disable the windows security?) upd: it didnt help
  5. im running windows 10 so mine just says documents and its already in english. i already tried to run the game as an administrator while running it with compatibility mode for win xp fails (i get black screen for like 5secs and then it crashes to the desktop)
  6. so i just installed the tdu platinum mod and it simply won't save my profile. i tried to both check and uncheck the box for gamespy, to complete the tutorial etc. yet i dont even have a savegame folder. what else should i try?
  7. What is the comlete list of TDU Platinum v1.21 cars or where can i find it?
  8. hey, could you please help me? im new to the tdu1 modding community and the game keeps crashing when i open the map and zoom in on the airfield. what should i do? nvm i just figured it out. thanks for the mod, man
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