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  1. Yes, with TDUF. By the way, v1.10 is up guys. - Added 2-step tuning for Brabus E63, Brabus SV12 S and Brabus ML63. - Reworked textures for Ferrari F355, Ferrari 348 TS, Ferrari F50 and Ferrari 599 GTB.
  2. Yeah right. Tell me how you are so sure that database editing is screweing up your "ultra-fast" connection then.
  3. That's not a lag bug, it's just a poor connection between players. It helps if you open your ports by port forwarding your router. But it's not a fix because it does not depend only on you, as the other person might have it open aswell.
  4. Put the TDUF folder inside the Atari folder. So you have TDUF and Test Drive Unlimited folders, inside the Atari one. Then, launch TDUF-database-gui.cmd as admin, wait for a while and you should get the interface window open.
  5. Nice try. Stop messing with the DB.bnk and rim sizes. If you are not, just copy the DB.bnk from the original Platinum files and replace in your game folder. Also, if you are using a savegame from another pack into Platinum, sell the cars and re-buy them.
  6. Connection wasn't great in 2006 as it is today in modern games.
  7. Yes. That's how TDU have always been.
  8. TDU takes a while to connect. And sometimes a session is full, since they can only hold 8 player per session.
  9. Take a look at the Ginetta F400.
  10. Try to run the game without the mod. Always make sure the game is runing as it should without it.
  11. I really doubt so, otherwise people would've made more mods to the game physics.
  12. It have always been, to be honest. That's why i drive slow cars anyways. I don't take TDU as a competition, so, i don't mind the 3000hp BMW's. lol Will you make those mods for us? And you should look better, because the GT-R Nismo is added. I've made the performance of the vehicles match their real data. TDU messed up on that on a lot of vehicles, like for example a bone stock R34 doing 0-100 under 4 seconds. Lol That's unreal. Some of the Time Trials i really edited to be harder than usual, such as "The Perfect Driving Line". As the name hints... you gotta hit the perfect driving line in order to complete it with a stock vehicle.
  13. Haha no problem Led, you haven't annoyed anyone. And no, TDU doesn't convert speech to text. So, we were typing indeed. It's a matter of practice, but even so, mistakes are more prone to happen while you text. But as far as i know, TDU does support microphone. You just need to enable it in the menus. And i guess you'd enjoy to check this out:
  14. Modeled those yourself, @sti228 ?
  15. v1.09 is out, and it fixes that F430 kit 2 issue, alongside with improved handling for bikes.
  16. I believe this movie will be so one-sided. Lol
  17. Because that's how TDU works. It will only show some that are near the cursor.
  18. April 2018 been the last time i posted here? Not that anyone cares... lol
  19. Yes, by remaking and equalizing all the sound mods. Some vehicles are louder than others, and there is nothing much that we can do about, other than doing what i just said.
  20. Depends. Each "Aftermarket pack" works in a % increase. So, if you need to make a car have 3 different tunes, then yes, you need at least 3 different packs for it. Or you can use one that's already existant. And then assign 3 packs for 1 car. Like i said, it's not complicated if you take a look at it. But explain bits of database editing, without know what you're actually doing is really complex, which is why i don't go around teaching people how to do it, because i have no clue about what you're actually doing, what you are editing, and which part of the database you're on about.
  21. Bad connection and probably the ports are not forwarded. Take a look at port forwarding. That's an issue of Project Paradise and your connection to the servers.
  22. If you take a look on TDUF, how i made it for other vehicles, you might get a clue on how to actually do it. It is really not complex to do, just needs attention. And no, there is no tutorial for that. But i tell you before hand, if the car you added is from a different brand than the ones already tunable in the game, it won't work, because TDU has a limit of 8 brands per tune-shop, and that limit is already reached.
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