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  1. That might be a thing. Although, i gave up, i was losing my nerves about it, and it's not really a Platinum problem, i can't save the whole mankind. I will just start a new game in my "Milli" online account and keep the Dark one fully complete.
  2. You won't find a CD-Key here. And you should have it, since it's recommended to use a legal copy of TDU.
  3. By using TDU PE? Try to play the game without other things open, such as Spotify, Chrome... No you can't. That's TDU. Apparently it has an error, because the database exceeded the 1000 car count. I knew about TDUPE having such error with 1000+ modded TDU, but thought it would be fine as long as i don't make TDUPE read 1000 cars. But that seems to not be the case. There is a solution, but it is troublesome. - Open TDUPE, mod it as you like. - Save and close. - Open TDU Modding Tools and extract the CarPhysicsData.db from the DB.bnk - Decrypt it, using TDU UT. - Change the total car count to 1105 - Save and close. - Encrypt it using TDU UT. - Replace the CarPhysicsData.db with the modded one, inside the DB.bnk - Run the game. Or, you could use TDUF, which in my opinion, once you get used to how it looks, it's a much better and efficient tool.
  4. I don't get any errors, the game just freezes at connecting to TestDrive servers...
  5. So it is really not Platinum related. It's probably my computer, somehow.
  6. Yeah, it should work, but it's not working all the time. I tried it here. Been losing my mind about it, to be honest. Lol
  7. Do anyone know a method to actually get a new online profile to work? Out of 7 i created in order to test, only 1 worked. And i don't know why exactly.
  8. Yes. You need the files located inside the folder Euro/Bnk/Sound/Voices of a normal TDU. If you installed Platinum over a TDU Gold based game, it will have russian sound files.
  9. It's not correctly installed. Did you tried to install something after you added Platinum? The .mp3 files are located inside the folder Euro/Radio, put the original files there. And what controls the radio stations, are the files located inside the folder Euro/Bnk/Sound/Radio. Also revert them back by copying the original files. That will rever the radio stations. Now, if you mean the background songs, they are all located inside the folder Euro/Bnk/Sound/Musics Hardcore mode is unlocked once you achieve "Champion" level in the game. You can start it before you click on "Continue Game", in the main menu. Only there you can see the g-meter, by pressing ctrl+g. Basically, Hardcore Mode is pure TDU physics, it is not recommended to be played if you're using a keyboard, because the car behaviour is way more complex, as weight balance and transfer has a bigger role. The Swimsuits are enabled by patch 1.68b, and i tried to make them useful, although, i couldn't. TDU clothing modding is complex, as you must model them in 3D. So... yeah, we will have to stuck with TDU clothes untill someone finds out how to mod them. Lol Did you make any changes before the error? Or the error is happening at "vanilla" Platinum? Yes, that's normal TDU. It's a 2006 game... lol I have no clue what is the problem here. Sorry. I'd suggest a reinstall... That, was really nice to read. Thank you.
  10. Was testing the new profile thing, and weirdly enough, i could create 1 new online profile, but i tried again other 4 or 5 times, and they all failed.
  11. That's weird... i'd try to re-install Platinum. Because i've never seen such thing.
  12. Usually that is a problem with bigbnk not being activated in the Project Paradise Launcher. Please speak english here in the forums. And there is a install.txt inside the .zip That was the " screen effect" i did. It's not a bug, if you notice the GPS is different as a whole. Similar, but different. Lol Sad you removed. Glad you're enjoying it though. As @kristiannn pointed out, limit your fps to 60, by enabling v-sync. TDU is an old game, it doesn't work well with high fps.
  13. Have you made sure it is working on your computer?
  14. Read what it says, in the first post, under the "Important Notice" banner. Lol
  15. First race issue is easy and known fix. Just copy the folder "ige" inside the Euro/bnk folder. TDU Platinum files already have them. About the ENB, it doesn't matter, it's not really necessary as i enhanced the graphics the hard way, by editing weather files, fx files and textures. Lol
  16. That actually doesn't work. To make it work you must sacrifice the online feature, as both of them use the d3d9.dll. I did a testing and forgot to remove it. Sorry. Lol
  17. Ah i see what you mean. Well, i actually used the brush tool in photoshop, so, i painted it from 0, basically, instead of change the color channels. Gives you a lot more freedom for transitions and color possibilities. And thanks! I am really glad that you guys are enjoying it so far.
  18. Nah, if you replace it all, it should run it all already, that was my goal, the only step necessary before the install of Platinum, is the install of TDU. Because with UCP, i noticed that a lot of people had a real hard time with the steps it required. So i tried to simplify. I almost uploaded the whole game, but Diablo told me that could generate a legal problem, so, i uploaded almost all of it, in order to still require a TDU install.
  19. That's necessary for Project Paradise. If you already have it all working, it's not necessary. Remember, i tried to make it as easy as possible for people to install, without require the install of patch 1.68b, install of Project Paradise, install of this, of that. It has all included, so, might there be redundant files for those who were running UCP and Project Paradise already. Lol
  20. Yes and no. The game executable is a no-cd launcher that i have. I decided to send together, because it seemed to fix some issues that people had in UCP. And the folder Euro/Radio has the new songs for the radio stations.
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