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  1. We don't really mess with TDU Natan Edition. So, we can't help. You better asking about it where you actually downloaded it.
  2. No, all you need is a copy of TDU installed. Gold or non-gold. Megapack and DLC is not necessary. If you correctly installed it, project paradise is working, big bnk is active, then you should have the cars. Make sure that your game, in the main menu screen, reads as v0.03a, instead of 1.66 or anything like it.
  3. Don't delete the d3d9.dll, otherwise it won't work. Missing cars is bigbnk not being active. Either by you not activating it, or by Project Paradise not working. Also, by the way...
  4. TDU connection takes a while to connect to people. And it will only do when you are at least 5km near someone. Although, you need to port forward your router, to improve the connection. The chat pops up when you press T. Each TDU session can hold at most 8 players, you see how many people are in the session by pressing F, or looking at the number below the GPS. Usually, that number below GPS has a faded globe icon, if such icon stays a bit orange, means the game is having trouble to connect you to someone. It must stay, not just flash. If it stays blueish, means you ju
  5. @MagicV8 read Eudemon's post. Lol Remove any compatibility mode from the .exes Run as admin. Check directX... A quick search about this issue might solve your problem, as you are not the first to experience it.
  6. Make sure your project paradise is working. Don't delete the d3d9.dll, and launch the game via Project Paradise Launcher, and enable the bigbnk there. Project Paradise is required for single player aswell, due the features it adds, such as fuel and the bigbnk. And it needs the d3d9.dll to work.
  7. Well, from where do i even start? I guess the beggining. So, i will adress a few things, so you can understand it better. Back in 2016, i learned how to modify my own TDU game, learned how to add new cars, without replace an existing one. Replacing existing cars has been the way to moify TDU since 2008 if not earlier. But around 2015 people started to figure out a way to add a new entry. So, there was me, happilly adding new cars, untill i've come across a problem, while playing multiplayer, other people couldn't see my cars. That is when i decided to make a "car pack", which then became
  8. Sorry but no. Everyone has suggestions of which cars they want to be added. As i said many times, i won't add everything, because we have a limited dealer spots, 412, to be exact, and they are all used. As tuning goes, i want to keep it as logical as possible. So... Yeah, if i allow you to send requests, i will be flooded with such sort of pms.
  9. Buy a CLK GTR Street Version. You will be able to upgrade it to the Convertible or the Race spec (big wing). Also upgrade it to the Super Sport variant, with the 7.2l engine.
  10. Since we are dealing with mods, and not every car has the center exactly at the center, i use overhangs to balance the weight of the car. As some cars had a front drop once you start moving.
  11. Cien was removed because it was really badly made by Atari. Doors had gaps and whatnot. The Lykan replaced the Cien. Custom cars are meant to be modded by the players, like people always did. But as a matter of fact, maybe 5% of the players actually use them. Not really, no. TDU lack Porsche sound mods.
  12. Sadly no. 3D models are usually from other games. Worked and adapted to work in TDU.
  13. You currently installed the main game through a setup.exe or just copy and pasted the files?
  14. TDU Platinum is a mod. Not a full game. You need the game first, it says in the first page, first post of this thread.
  15. Sadly a lot yet. I've been extremelly busy lately, almost zero free time, and when i get free time, i'm tired to work on the game and i end up passing out. lol But it will happen, i promise. Use a VPN to complete the first server login. Or try to make an offline profile to test.
  16. That's exactly what i tried to do. But the problem i found is that bots simply can't handle well. They start to mess up the corners, and go straight into the bushes. Plus, each bot has their own "skill". Set every bot at maximum "skill" breaks the game. I want many things aswell, but sadly, some things are beyond our capabilities. The best way to make TDU hard is to use underpowered vehicles for the events, in hardcore mode.
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